BabyBjorn Balance Soft Bouncer (Rust/Orange) - £99.61 + Free Delivery!!! @ Precious Little one

BabyBjorn Balance Soft Bouncer (Rust/Orange) - £99.61 + Free Delivery!!! @ Precious Little one

Found 18th Jan 2017
Amazing bouncer that my daughter loves - we bought this from John Lewis for about £125 about 3-4 months ago.

There are other colours which are better than (Rust/Orange) but the price ticks up slightly.

Either way, great product - highly recommended!
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This seems expensive for a bouncer. I found mine in the bins behind some flats. It only had a small amount of soiling and works OK.
I paid less than that for a pram! Things have moved on since then. I had a Chico one from Argos that was a rocking chair as well. Used to sit the kid in front of the washer in it. He could watch the clothes going round for hours. No wonder he turned out strange.
Sorry guys - seems as though I've not correctly gauged the budgets/requirements of the masses - but...-63 is a bit understanding is that the site is designed to share/highlight deals that are good value when compared to RRP etc.

I'm hoping people don't vote cold just because you don't like the product or can't afford the product as it is a good deal (circa 20% discount).

@nitro228 - good bit of freecycling there...keep it up!
@psychobitchfromhell - yes certainly, we spent about £1100 on our pram which is excessive IMO.
Most people are voting cold simply because they don't realise that these aren't the same as normal bouncers. They go up to 2 years of age (others only go up to 6 months). It was fantastic for my 3rd son who didn't sit until 8 months of age, when he started crawling and toddling he would just climb in it by himself to have a bounce/sit. The resale value is high and you can easily wash and replace the covers.
l'd like to see a 2 year old sitting in that !
Great deal voted hot

l'd like to see a 2 year old sitting in that !

The seat is long and deep. It's like a hammock.
It's a good reduction on the normal price and therefore a valid deal. I wouldn't vote it cold just because I would never spend that amount of money on a bouncy chair. I wouldn't take it to heart if I were you. I do think that people do go overboard on baby equipment . My son slept just as soundly in the hand me down cot bought second hand from the local paper for his big cousin by granny as he would in anything mothercare was selling. The baby doesn't go by the label like the parents do. If it works for your family, that's great.some people will vote cold because it is an awful lot of money when you can get something which does the same thing for a fraction of the price. If it and the £1100 pram are still going strong when baby number three come along you have invested wisely
I had a 2nd hand one, two of my children used it. The material was knackered by that point but you can get replacement covers or easily make them yourself. My youngest bounced in it happily until 2 years of age (he never sits still). Unlike most bouncers they can propel these very easily themselves with their feet. I wish I had one from the beginning for my first, it was that good.
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