Babycham 4x200ml Home Bargains £2.49

Babycham 4x200ml Home Bargains £2.49

LocalFound 1st Dec 2017
You can tell it's Christmas...

4x200ml of one of the finest 70s/80s drinks going...

Likely to be nationwide... Get it while you can
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This drink was a premium drink back in the day..parents drop the magnum size bottle to feel a bit flash..(:I ..think I’ll have to get a few of these
Ooh I'd love a babysham ☺
this takes me back to my early teenage years
Edited by: "natz265" 1st Dec 2017
Would deffo buy for the nostalgia, no HB by me unfortunately. We used to have one on Xmas day and also got to sip on Emva Cream if we were lucky. Those were the days when Xmas was about Jesus of Nazareth and no shops open till long after Boxing Day. Now you can still buy a turkey on Xmas Day, as well as shop at the online sales if you are that way inclined. I guess that's called progress

I'll have a babycham.
Always get these and snowballs in for chrimbo
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