Babycham pumps from just £3.99 a pair @ Bargain Crazy

Babycham pumps from just £3.99 a pair @ Bargain Crazy

Found 21st Jan 2011Made hot 21st Jan 2011
These are a fantastic price, 4 different designs less than £5 a pair + del.
* Embroidered detail logo and branding to the outstep with diamante finish
* Multi coloured lace eye let detail
* Patterned inside
* Vulcanised sole detail
* Great for casual everyday wear


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coming up as £3.99 shoes +£3.95 delivery = £7.94

Gone up to £4.99!

i'll have a babycham

£8.94 delivered then - someone change the heading eh!

They are selling these for 3.99 at too if that's any help

beware of halfcost, last November i ordered a number of items from them, but when it arrived there was an item missing. After numerous emails to their company/customer services i still have never received as much as a reply let alone my missing item) so as for the shoes - don't think i'll bother!

Ordered LOADS from them, never had a problem

Great deal, HOT !!!!
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