Babycham retro glass and bottle £4.67 @ Sainsburys gift boxed

Babycham retro glass and bottle £4.67 @ Sainsburys gift boxed

Found 10th Dec 2014
This gift boxed Babycham retro glass and bottle for £4.67 at Sainsburys makes a great stocking filler. Third off original price.
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I have added an image for you! Thanks for posting a deal on HUKD
Bring back very good memories Heat added
My Christmas drink when I was younger, will buy it for the memories. Thanks 13norfolk. Heat added.
Have seen these glasses for £5 each! Hot!!! Takes me back
Try Iceland for 75cl bottles - £2
I bought one of these 3 weeks ago at the same price instore....I'm surprised they still have them in stock....Great little girlie gift, even for the older ladies !!
Heat from me
Hey!! I'd love a Babysham.....
I love these glasses. Remind me of my Mam and Great Nanna at Christmas

Try Iceland for 75cl bottles - £2

Two very different products for two very different purposes. I know plenty of people that would love the glass and bottle set as a gift because it will bring back so many fun memories, whereas the 75cl bottle wouldn't necessarily convey the same message.

Useful tip for those that might actually want to drink Babycham, however. Maybe buy them both?
great price i got one but had neckless in my gift set
good find - Thank you
Happy memories of drinking cocktails in these as a child. Two different coloured unfrozen ice pops would be poured in and hey presto, a cocktail for an 8 year old!
I used to love babycham - I was in the babycham sparkle club they sent a membership card, wrapping paper, gift tags, and a babycham charm amongst other things - I never used the paper or tags so it will be up in the loft somewhere but I did where my charm
i remember my now wife a couple of brandy & babycham amazing she never did them again ?????? great days back then
Every Xmas day I was allowed one of these. Bought some last year to recoup memories.... Oh how my taste buds have changed. Will I get more this year just because... Damn right so heat from me
Great! My girlfriend keeps asking for this set.
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