Babylis 7850U I-Trim Motorised Beard Trimmer down to £20 from £40 instore in Sainsburys

Babylis 7850U I-Trim Motorised Beard Trimmer down to £20 from £40 instore in Sainsburys

Found 25th Feb 2009
Nicked this off the web:

BaByliss 7850U I-Trim Beard Trimmer is the ultimate high-tech grooming tool, designed to give you everyday stubble control. With its state of the art technology, i-trim stubble delivers unbeatable precision, so you can maintain anything from short stubble to a more rugged look with effortless ease.

Keep your stubble looking just right with the BaByliss 7850U Stubble for Men I-Trim. Described as ?e ultimate face management tool?ts motorised comb, with digital touch control, automatically adjusts to 30 length settings, from 0.5 ?5mm.

BaByliss 7850U I-Trim Motorised Beard Trimmer Features:

Motorised length control system adjusts the comb guide in 0.5mm increments at the touch of a button
30 ultra precise length settings from 0.5mm to 15mm, so you can get precisely the stubble look you want and maintain it every day
Electrochemically formed blades with titanium for sharpness and precision
Auto-lube system means blades never need oiling
LCD screen displaying selected length setting and charge remaining
Can be used corded or cordless for total convenience
Manufacturers Warranty
BaByliss 7850U I-Trim Motorised Beard Trimmer Package Contents:
1 x Trimmer
1 x Charging Stand
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Operating Instructions
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Its not had very good reviews. Seems to be more of a face mangler than a beard trimmer…s=1

ive been using this one since about october, i think it is brilliant, i paid full price from Boots, might get another to keep in reserve fo when the current one dies
I think the above amazon link explains the cheap price. Good price, dreadful product.
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