BaByliss 7855U I-Trim Stubble+ Trimmer on Amazon
BaByliss 7855U I-Trim Stubble+ Trimmer on Amazon

BaByliss 7855U I-Trim Stubble+ Trimmer on Amazon

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BaByliss For Men 7855U I-Trim Stubble+ Trimmer reduced from £50 to £30.08 inc. delivery.

Product Description
For every day stubble control. Ultra precise motorised length control system adjusts cutting length at the touch of a button. 30 length settings from 0.5mm -15mm. Foil shaving attachment for a creating a clean edge to your stubble. Ultra sharp electrochemically formed blades with titanium for extreme precision. Mains rechargeable with advanced charging system for total convenience. 90mins full charge provides 30mins use. 5mins quick charge provides 3mins use or plug into the mains for continuous


I bought one of these from Boots at 39.94 but I took it back within 3 days. 16 hour charge, used it for 2 minutes and it showed one battery bar left. Mechanism sounded awful and not pleasant to use at all. Admittedly a good price but based on my personal experience not a good buy.


Ernie wise could have used one, for his short fat hairy legs....

Great Deal, very annoying as i not long ago got it for £50

I've got the manual version of these. You have to twist a dial to get the length you need, it's not digital.
I've used both kinds & would recommend the manual one to tell the truth, it's a bit more robust & you can remove the guard completely for a closer shave.
And you can usually find them cheaper....

Still a good price if you absolutely have to have an lcd on your clippers though :-)

I saw this in Boots for £39 and 5 minutes later I saw it in Wilkinsons for only £25.
Cant comment on how good they are though.

I have this and it is very good. On the digital version you can completely remove the guard also you just pop it off. Also with regards to your battery issue if you had read the manual before you used it you would have seen you needed to fully charge it, then use it for the short time it gives, then charge and use it again, and then the battery would last for its normal amount of time after that.

I would definately recommend this, i was using those little wilkinson sword shavers with the trimmer on the end but they are naff. Did have an accident with this the other day though and shaved my beard off thinking it was set to about 3mm and shaved without looking at realised it was at 0.5mm woops.
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