Babyliss Bubble Jet Spa - £37.50 Delivered from Amazon

Babyliss Bubble Jet Spa - £37.50 Delivered from Amazon

Found 17th Nov 2008
Powerful warm air jets for relaxing bubble spa. Soft cushioned mat rolls up for easy storage. Waterproof infra-red remote control. 3 bubble settings: low, medium and high.
Afforadable alternative for jakuzzi
Great Christmas gift for your women guys ;P

Boots have it for £49.99, and Amazon have it almost £12.50 cheaper.
Usually around £60 - £70 in other shops

Great Deal IMO.


Are these actually decent or does it just feel like someone farting continuously under the water?

I used to use one of these in my pond, gives plenty of air for the fish in the summer. Much cheaper than buying a proper air box.

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As far as I know many people like it. Apparently it give you quite relaxing massage. You definitely won’t achieve it with eating several tins of baked beans in a bath

I have one, it has 3 settings and is quite powerful although VERY noisy - I try to keep the unit outside the bathroom door (the cable is long which allows this). I have only used it a few times, it's one of those things that spends more time in the box than in the bath!

Hope that helps someone


I bought one of these a few years ago, and used it once, it went in the loft for a year or two, and then threw it away.

A waste of money in my opinion, too noisy, bulky, and such a lot of hassle for nothing.

Buy beans and sprouts instead.

I too bought one of these a few years ago as a Christmas present...

Got used once, still in loft.

Two main problems - getting it to stay in place (naturally it wants to float to the surface), and the bath water gets cold VERY quickly - you'll be suprised.

Don't get sucked in.

Sounds more like a stressful experience then a relaxing one.

Bear in mind this is the new "Quiet" version which I hear is much better. Ordered and voted, hot. Great to add to the missus xmas list.
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