BaByliss For Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit (BA-7056CU) £16.99 @ zoombits

BaByliss For Men 8-in-1 All Over Grooming Kit (BA-7056CU) £16.99 @ zoombits

Found 9th Nov 2014
teenagers first gift to get smelling good…139
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Sorry got to be cold. This looks like the same kit in argos but with a red switch for less!…htm?CMPID=GS001&_$ja=cgid:17470601073|tsid:59157|cid:199887993|lid:94415119473|nw:g|crid:54047085873|rnd:14632753533963711908|dvc:m|adp:1o1|bku:1
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oh dear by just £1 I am left in the cold:|
It's still a cheaper deal! No need to be sensitive about it. Why pay a pound more? This is a cold deal..... Full stop!
ill give you a hot.
Why would give this a hot? It's cheaper elsewhere lol.
you can get it for £14 (edit £10) from Argos using the Argos codes: you can post this there:…391
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Hot from me...don't like red switches
I have this kit. Don't buy it. It's a horrible cheap piece of tat made with cheap nasty plastic made to look premium. It has been designed to look good and neat in its stand but poorly thought out in function.
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