Babyliss Tourmaline Gold hair straighteners Half Price @ Argos 14.99

Babyliss Tourmaline Gold hair straighteners Half Price @ Argos 14.99

Found 5th Feb 2016
Excellent reviews.. free click and collect.
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I put in the image URL, but it isn't showing for some reason.......
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got these the other day some are being substituted with Andrew barton ones £64.99
Are you saying that Argos is giving Andrew Barton's in place of these and honouring the price??
I've brought 3 pairs from 2 different stores and 2 of them were Andrew Barton's, they had the same Argos cat no. the original babyliss ones also use to retail for £64.99 at one point.
Which one out of the two did u feel is better??...I've reserved at two stores and if I'm lucky enough to get two different brands, it will be hard to decide which one to keep oO
no idea I'm a bloke, and they were for daughters/ family, would of thought the Andrew barton as better ceramics.
but I'd view them before buying to see which ones you are getting if u want the Andrew barton ones.
hmmm...will keep that in mind. tnx a bunch!
I had a look at the item today, they gave me the Andrew Barton edition which to be honest looks really cheap and poor quality. I decided not to take it and instead returned it back to Argos
I got the ABs as well, they don't look very good but work surprisingly well.
I just picked these up from the Wolverhampton mander centre store and I received the Andrew Barton ones as well. Thanks to the OP.
my Mrs and daughters have tried both and think they are on par with each other, so looks can be deceiving. but each to their own .
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