Babylon 5 - Complete (Inc. Lost Tales) - £44.87 @ Zavvi

Babylon 5 - Complete (Inc. Lost Tales) - £44.87 @ Zavvi

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Cheapest I've seen this one. Use voucher 10OFFBS for this price


So tempted by this. All my B5 is on VHS that I've copied onto DVD. Would be really nice to have the real thing and Crusade is on there too. Fantastic

5 years of my life in the 1990s.

Best Sci-fi TV series ever - FACT. BSG close 2nd.

This has just started from the beginning again on FXUK if someone wants to try before they buy (episode 3 of season 1 is on Monday, then every weekday after that). I have only seen an episode here or there, might pick up the boxset to force me to get through to Season 2 where people say it gets much better

Fab price. I watched it start to finish earlier this year. fantastic... prob the best sc-fi ever. Don't let the dodgy CGI of the first couple of seasons put you off. It's fantastic... . I never caught this in the 90's too busy boozing...


Best Sci-fi TV series ever - FACT. BSG close 2nd.


Unfortunately Star Trek now looks crap after watching Babylon5 ...

Absolutely brilliant series; topped by DS9 at its height and easily topped by the best TNG episodes. Highly recommended, just forgive the hokey dialogue.

ordered thanks. Heat added
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