Babylon 5 - Complete (Inc. Lost Tales) DVD @ £43.97 @ Zavvi (use walkers code to get this price)

Babylon 5 - Complete (Inc. Lost Tales) DVD @ £43.97 @ Zavvi (use walkers code to get this price)

Found 8th Dec 2010Made hot 8th Dec 2010
The Complete First Season - Signs And Portents.
The Complete Second Season - The Coming Of Shadows.
The Complete Third Season - Point Of No Return.
The Complete Fourth Season - No Surrender, No Retreat.
The Complete Fifth Season - The Wheel Of Fire.
The Complete Crusade.
The Movie Collection - The Gathering - In The Beginning - Thirdspace - The River Of Souls - A Call To Arms - Legend Of The Rangers - Babylon 5 The Lost Tales.


Hot from me.

Hot from me to. I think B5 was something very special.

Hot big time from me - Loved B5

Definitely hot. One of the best scifi series in years.

Tempted to buy but seeing as I still have not managed to watch the 24 series 5 set from quite a few years back, I fear it will languish in the cabinet collecting dust.

I just bought one of those Western Digital HDTV Live boxes and will be transfering all my TV shows from DVD to it for instant access.

Loved B5, perfect mix of sci-fi action, drama and a little politics thrown in.
Just wish they'd go back and revamp the awful CGI in the first couple of seasons.

Big sci-fi fan but this series was hit and miss. Most episodes were good. Some were just awful.

Overall good though

What are these 'Walkers Codes' I see people talking about?

this has to be my favourite TVshow ever Ibought it at £40 per season and didn,t regret it

Heat added, enjoyed B5.

If anyone could PM me a spare Walkers code I'd appreciate it. If not, I guess sub £50 for this is still a bargain.



Any Walkers codes going spare would really be appreciated
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