Babylon 5 : The Complete Universe  DVD boxset for £97.97 inc del

Babylon 5 : The Complete Universe DVD boxset for £97.97 inc del

Found 20th Nov 2006
Nice price for this nice boxset. It's slowly creeping down and down into manageable price zones. This is the complete Babylon 5 boxset - lots of aliens, shadows and humans to go round! It's currently £97.97 including free super saver delivery from Amazon - next cheapest is about £114 from BlahDVD.

Details: In 1994 STAR TREK had to take a backseat to this science-fiction series, created by Michael Straczynski. The Babylon 5 space station has become an interplanetary peaceful negotiation centre in the 23rd Century. Humans and aliens attempt to settle differences in a reasonable fashion here under the stewardship of President John J. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner). This comprehensive boxed set contains every exciting episode from the show. Plus the series 'Crusade' and six feature films.


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Not a Babylon 5 fan but did accidently stumble across the news of a new straight to DVD film due for release next year. I guess that potentially means a new complete boxset so could be why this one's falling in price
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