Babylon 5 Ultimate collection 42-disc DVD boxset, Argos £44.99 delivered

Babylon 5 Ultimate collection 42-disc DVD boxset, Argos £44.99 delivered

Found 19th Apr 2012
[Argos product code is 092772]

Great deal for this set, around £70 (or more) elsewhere (e.g. Amazon price is currently £78.87).

I ordered this yesterday morning and it just turned up, delivered by DPD. So they definitely have stock.

Thanks to the OP of the Argos boxset deal - I thought this deserved a thread of its own.

DVD Description
In 1994, Star Trek had to take a backseat to a new kid on the block, science-fiction series Babylon 5, created by Michael Straczynski. In a nutshell, it's the 23rd Century and the Babylon 5 space station has become an interplanetary peaceful negotiation centre. Humans and aliens attempt to settle differences in a reasonable fashion here under the stewardship of President John J. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner), which makes for some fantastical plot arcs throughout its five year run.
This stylishly compact yet comprehensive box set contains every Babylon 5 episode ever made, the series Crusade and all six Babylon 5 feature films with extras, plus the brand-new feature The Lost Tales, which has never been shown on television.

From the Back Cover
Babylon 5, the First Season
Babylon 5, the Second Season
Babylon 5, the Third Season
Babylon 5, the Fourth Season
Babylon 5, the Fifth Season
Crusade - the complete series
The Gathering
In The Beginning
The Movie Collection (3 disc set)
The Legend of the Rangers
The Lost Tales

42 discs in all!
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To add... according to camelcamelcamel, the lowest price That Amazon has sold this for is £48.99 (back in Feb 2011), so it's quite a good deal IMO.

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the best sci-fi ever...

the best sci-fi ever...

I was glued to this for the whole of the 1990s.
Aye this is the finest Space Opera Sci-fi ever. BSG comes a close 2nd.

But i'd love Warner Bros to remaster B5 for Blu-Ray - not much chance but I live in hope.
Says £53.99 when I look at it.


NVM; I didn't notice that gari189 was necroposting
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Amazing series, only let down by a bit of a naff end season imo with the long haired shampoo adverts having way to much screen time/story.

NVM; I didn't notice that gari189 was necroposting

Only saw it when it appeared on the hot page and didn't realise it was over a week old. Suspect its more a case of necrovoting
Is this show any good? Heard a lot about it but not sure if it's the type of show I'd like. I'm typically not into Star Wars/Star Trek at all, but I like the Ancient Culture aspect of Stargate. Basically, not really into the "space battles" and what-not and would rather watch a deep and meaningful sci-fi that focuses more on storyline.

Would this fit the bill?
One of the best series ever made.

I think it will fit your bill. Some of the first series is hit and miss but from series 2 on it's pretty damn good.,
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