Babymoov cosypad sleep positioner £12.49 @ Boots
Babymoov cosypad sleep positioner £12.49 @ Boots

Babymoov cosypad sleep positioner £12.49 @ Boots

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Sleep positioner to allow baby to sleep in the safe positions on their back or side. Only store selling at half price and with free C&C.



lots of negatives about these kind of sleep positioners

Is it safe to use a baby sleep positioner?

Fern Hauck
SIDS expert
No. In 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a warning to parents to stop using sleep positioners. They cited reports of 12 babies who died when they suffocated in a sleep positioner or between a sleep positioner and the side of a crib or bassinet.

There were also dozens of reports of babies who were placed on their back or side in a sleep positioner but found later in a potentially hazardous position in or next to the positioner. The incidents took place over 13 years and involved two types of positioners: flat mats with side bolsters and inclined (wedge) mats with side bolsters. Unfortunately, those positioners and many other types are still sold.

None of these positioners is considered safe. For example, sleep positioners that are supposed to keep babies on their back might seem like an effective way to help prevent SIDS or suffocation, but instead they themselves create a hazard.

The safest sleep environment for a baby is a firm, flat mattress with nothing but a fitted sheet on it. Nothing else should be in the bed: no stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, bumpers, or positioners of any kind.

Original Poster

Very good article. There's so much information out there and us parents are exhausted and confused! We get told there's a wonder product out there to help us deal with a problem then research comes out refuting it. With everything it's best to use with common sense. Yes, strip a baby's cot of everything and they can still roll unto their front whilst sleeping and be in danger of suffocation. This particular sleep positioner is not like others which surrounds baby's head and body and hence adds even more danger of obstruction. But perhaps with a bit of common sense exercised, if positioner is placed around baby's body as oppose to head and baby is placed close to end of cot as opposed to bang in the middle as commonly done then there's little space to wiggle down and get stuck anywhere and it's very unlikely baby will wiggle up. Then the use of the positioner may prevent rolling to the side then eventually into their front whilst sleeping. We don't wish harm to our babies but we need clear help!
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