Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier £24.97 @ Wilko

Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier £24.97 @ Wilko

Found 31st Oct 2009
Improves air quality - Protects against dry skin, sore throats and chapped lips
Ultra Silent Operation - your baby will sleep soundly without being disturbed
Hygrometer & Thermometer - Always ensures the perfect room conditions for your baby
Easy Refill - Very easy to use time and time again
Automatic Shutdown - Switches itself off when empty for worry free use
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Product Description
A balanced humidity level is essential for a childs comfort. The Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier not only helps in maintaining a comfortable room humidity but it also shows you how to monitor the atmosphere in your babys room with a built in hygrometer (no need of additional gadgets in the house or the added expense!). A handy room thermometer allows you to keep an eye on the room temperature for your childs extra comfort. Why have an ultrasonic humidifier? Humidifiers help prevent winter infections, and alleviate the symptoms of cold, flu, and asthma attacks by keeping the mucous membranes that protect your respiratory airways moist. Correct humidity also helps relieve sinus pains and a dry, sore throat. Helps prevent dry, itchy skin and chapped lips Basic humidifiers create the steam by boiling the water; this can be potentially dangerous having boiling water around young children and babies. With an Ultrasonic humidifier the steam is generated by oscillating the water into a vapour, producing a cool mist that lasts longer and has greater effect. BABYWAY ultrasonic humidifier; A Must In Every Home. For A Healthier And Comfortable Environment. The benefits of the Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier: Noiseless Ultrasonic Easily portable to the room where you want it to be Does not need distilled water Prevents the accumulation of white dust. No hot steam being dispensed, safer to use in the house. Easy reading display of humidity and temperature Long lasting ceramic filter-purifies water, minimises calcium build up Special built in cavity - diffuses decongestant oils (please see oil manufacturers instructions) Turns off automatically when water tank is empty WARNINGS for your childs Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation the bags should be kept away from babies and children The humidifier should be kept out of reach of children at all times safety and health
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any good?
I been waiting for challenge one to come back into stock at argos for same price they due in on the 4th
would be interested if somebody already has above model tho

Direct link please ??
put in Humidifier and doesnt come up

I been waiting for challenge one to come back into stock at argos for … I been waiting for challenge one to come back into stock at argos for same price they due in on the 4th would be interested if somebody already has above model thopleaseDirect link please ??put in Humidifier and doesnt come up

I had been waiting for that one too. But saw this today in Wilkinson Plus so thought I'd give it a try.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available on their website!

I'll see how we get on with this tonight and post a review tomorrow :-)
Thank you

any good?

I bought ultrasonic humidifier from Argos for my daughter as she has asthma and it has worked well when she's had chesty cough, also recommended for croupe. Definitely made a difference.

Plenty of good reviews on Argos website:thumbsup:…htm
Yes teddy thanks thats why Im waiting for them to come back into stock on the 4th,Lol
Back in stock for home delivery
Worked really well.

Extremely quiet operating too.

Would recommend this :-)
Thank you
does any one has got the manual for this?
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