Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier (RRP:£89.99) £22.97 Delivered Free @ Amazon

Babyway Ultrasonic Humidifier (RRP:£89.99) £22.97 Delivered Free @ Amazon

Found 14th Sep 2013
Improves air quality - Protects against dry skin, sore throats and chapped lips
Ultra Silent Operation - your baby will sleep soundly without being disturbed
Hygrometer & Thermometer - Always ensures the perfect room conditions for your baby
Easy Refill - Very easy to use time and time again, with automatic shutdown and power lamp
Built in night light
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Great idea but very mixed reviews:(
I loved this product when I first got it. It was a great design, was silent, cool mist with a lovely blue glow that my toddler loved. I especially liked the idea that there was a well to add a menthol oil to ease a blocked nose. Although initially apprehensive about using it in the small box room that my daughter sleeps in, I didn't find that if produced excessive moisture on furniture, walls or other surfaces, even when on maximum and the hygometer and thermometer worked well. There was some moisture on the carpet if left on the same spot too long, but it was only on the surface and soon dried. I found the instructions a bit lacking in clarity though.

So it worked brilliantly...until after the 4th night I found a puddle of water underneath the unit, which it hadn't done before and on closer inspection, I saw that the plastic around the oscillator (which vibrates to produce the moisture) had completely cracked and the oscillator had fallen through to the bottom casing allowing water to seep through the electrical part and through the grate on the bottom. I was understandably upset as it could have caused a electical fire in the night, so I returned it to Boots who exchanged it for a new one. After one night of use I see that the same problem is occuring so I am taking it back straight away. I checked the reviews extensively before buying and only came across one person who had the same problem and they had also used oil in the unit, so not sure if that is the problem. The instructions on using oil were very vague.

So, it may just be a faulty batch and if you do decide to buy one of these after all, please check the unit after every use to ensure this problem doesn't happen to you.
Voted cold, due to the above - having the same fault with a product twice, indicates a serious issue. After hearing the above I'd never buy this on principle, not when a baby's life could be at stake
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