Bacardi Mojito Cocktail 75cl £10.00 @ Sainsburys

Bacardi Mojito Cocktail 75cl £10.00 @ Sainsburys

Found 14th Oct 2009
Bacardi Mojito Cocktail is a blend of Bacardi Superior Rum (40%), Natural Mint and Lime Flavours and Sugar

14.9% proof not as good as making your own, but not bad for a ready mix though.


£10 for 75cl of readymade cocktail.....

is it not normally this price????

Hot from me just for the avatar picture!!:thumbsup:
Deal rubbish tho:?

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Normally about £14 a bottle and get you 6 good glasses out of it. A fresh mojito is the best but for putting this in the fridge and adding some crushed ice to it £1.70 a glass seems ok for 14.9% compared to that rubbish 4% alcopop stuff you can get, it represents reasonable value to me, if your to lazy to make your own mojito but obviously not to the rest of you.....:-D

Was £14 the last time I looked!
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