Bachelors condensed soups - 31p per can ASDA

Bachelors condensed soups - 31p per can ASDA

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Saw this in my local Asda (Worsbrough) this afternoon. Seems very cheap for this brand of soup; normally they're almost 90p a can.

There were also some varieties of WeightWatchers at the same price.


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anyone know what these are like?good price though, worth a try,heat added

Good for chicken n mushroom pie!

Batchelors soups are yummy

Also good as a quick pasta sauce.
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Do they use a mega condenser to make these?

Mega heat.

Also saw these in home bargains for 26p

These condensed soups are lovely. The can says add half a can of water to make a normal soup but I use milk and it makes it nice and creamy. Excellent price

I liked the picture trying to add heat. It's early.

Nice picture. hot.

Didn't you used to live in Wath? I think Wath is a nicer place than Worsbrough. I lived in Bolton on Dearne through most of my childhood then moved to Barnsley. I moved to the Riviera when I was 19 and I couldn't be dragged back to South Yorkshire. Some parts of Barnsley are nice, even though people down here laugh when I tell them where I'm from alot of the people up there are really good and unaffected. I'd still prefer Wath to Worsbrough.

On topic, good deal! But there's probably not too much to do in Worsbrough apart from find cheap soup and fend off the criminals.
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