Bachelors Mushy Peas - large tins - 4 for 50p!!  ASDA

Bachelors Mushy Peas - large tins - 4 for 50p!! ASDA

Found 22nd Nov 2010
Obviously they have left overs from the 4 tins for £1 event & are now selling them off for 50p!!

This was in Asda - Morriston, Swansea

Loads & loads there! Were on the top shelf by the rest of the peas on saturday, but they've been moved to the end of the aisle today.


lovely but make me blow terrible

Ooh my bottom would never forgive me!:)

I bought these when they had the 4 tins for a pound deal on,i binned them all there was more water than peas in the tin.I did email them and complained and got a £5 voucher back from them so i earned money on the deal lol

Yum, can make some nice mushy pea fritters from these

Heat from me.Love these with Fish & chips.

Mmmmm fish and chips and mushy peas
My favorite
I am off to Asda!!!

Not a fan of them but seems a good deal

great deal. Love Mushy peas and this beats the Asda Smart price ones.
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