BACK IN STOCK!! QX-5 Computer Microscope was £79.99, now only £21.60 delivered @ Amazon!

BACK IN STOCK!! QX-5 Computer Microscope was £79.99, now only £21.60 delivered @ Amazon!

Found 15th Feb 2008Made hot 15th Feb 2008
An excellent educational piece of equipment! Save over £50!!
View specimens collected around the house, backyard, or even your school lunch tray
Magnify objects and view them on your PC, up to 200X
Take snapshots and time-lapse movies
Manipulate images with drawing and painting tools
Experiment with your creations using special effects and sound
Share your discoveries through e-mail


I have to say that I wish I had one when I was a boy.


I have to say that I wish I had one when I was a boy.

Well at £21 I'm going to act like Peter Pan and order one. :-D
I'm sure it will end up in the clutches of the grandson but not before I've experimented for a few months !!

Looks to be a lot of fun and having read reviews for he past half hour whilst not being of Lab quality it will provide pretty good images.

Terrific find Amibees ! Voted HOT and rep left :thumbsup:


167 in stock....

Well spotted, amibees! Have just ordered one, thanks. Voted it hot, however every time I click on the hot arrow the temperature goes down. Am I doing something wrong?

fantastic deal! I've been looking for one of these at a reasonable price for months! HOT!

great find, HOT!

Nice One, first Christmas pressie bought!

I have the older model (QX-3) which is slightly lower resolution. As a school, we were given one so, for free, I could not complain. I have mine hocked up to a data-projector such that pupils have an idea what they are looking for. The resultant images are poorly lit outside the central area (even though there are top and bottom lights) and the quality of the image is not a patch on the image the pupils will get when they use their (traditional) optical microscopes.

So, peronally, I would go for an optical microscope as the quality is better. However, the pupils prefer this digital option as they like to see things happening through a computer, despite the poorer quality. Therefore, before you buy, think: are you really buying this for yourself, or for your son/grandson? If it's the former, go for optical, otherwise, give this a whirl.

Incidentally, Aldi had something similar in a couple of months ago, but with better build quality, so I would expect them to get them again at some random point in the future.

Ordered one for nephew as fantastic value. I bought one for my daughter years ago when they were £100 and she has loved it.

Voted hot :-)

Very good price I've just ordered one for my boys voted hot!

Brilliant price. Voted hot and ordered.

Excellent find....... had a quick look at some reviews and prices elsewhere and this does seem like a bargain.

Will be great for the kids.......Voted HOT!

Hi, does anyone who already has this know if it's compatible with a Mac.
I've had a trawl through google but am still not sure if I have to buy extra software or not.


Thanks for that info OIBALDY.

I suggest all read the reviews before purchasing.

PLASTIC lenses. Poor light.

It is a re-incarnatin of the MX3 (slightly improved).…tml

Very fiddly it seems to me.

I think I will wait for Aldi:)

great find

Gone now anyway


Thanks for that info OIBALDY.I suggest all read the reviews before … Thanks for that info OIBALDY.I suggest all read the reviews before purchasing.PLASTIC lenses. Poor light.It is a re-incarnatin of the MX3 (slightly improved). fiddly it seems to me.I think I will wait for Aldi:)

Yes it is entirely constucted from plastic but at the end of the day it is a kids toy! I think my kids will probably use this and break it before the Aldi deal actually comes around!

From what i have read you do need a pretty up to date computer but as this was released in 2005 most of us should be ok.

Any idea how much the Aldi one was?

Mucked around reading reviews etc for this one and for £20 decided to buy. Too late............

A bit more info here for those who managed to order:…tml

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Back In Stock Now! Be Quick

Now only 2 left... :roll:

£84 and only at Expansys now!

would anyone like to sell me one?



(seems to have gone up a bit...)
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