BACK INSTOCK NOW!!! Resident Evil 4 (WII) only £22.99 delivered (£22.07 after Quidco)

BACK INSTOCK NOW!!! Resident Evil 4 (WII) only £22.99 delivered (£22.07 after Quidco)

Found 13th Jul 2007
If you want this game, you have to be quick, as i fear this price will increase soon!!!

I've called a few places and i've managed to findout only stores willing to pay more money was able to receive a small shipment via alternative but more expensive shipping, so i can't imagine they're making a profit.

This was without a doubt, one of the best games available for the previous generation of consoles but it was released too late into the Nintendo Gamecubes lifespan, meaning it was ignored by many and it was technically inferior on the PS2 but now, it's available in all it's glory.

The price for Resident Evil 4 is the cheapest and is one of the only few stores with stock, as i've spoken to some retailers and they've informed me that there is a hold up in dispatching the games from Germany and they're hoping the shipment will arrive in the next week or 2 but nothing is guaranteed.

Only a few of the biggest retailers like Shopto and Game have received new stock, so be quick, as you won't be able to get the game cheaper anywhere else and it's hard to find stock.

Don't forget to go through Quidco to receive 4% cashback, making this just £22.07 all inclusive.

Hope that helps.
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what does everyone think of this deal?
yes good, spotted it earlier and was thinking of getting it. Don't forget the 5% discount code 5OFFWEB brings it down to £21.84 and the 4% quidco making it £20.97 :thumbsup:
If anyone is hesitating getting this game, let me reassure you that it is absolutely amazing. In my opinion, many many times better than Zelda.
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