Back Pain? - Don't waste a fortune on pills, or throw away products, get one of these! 3M Nexcare™ Adjustable Back Support Brace - Was £29.99, now only £4.99 at 3M select!!!

Back Pain? - Don't waste a fortune on pills, or throw away products, get one of these! 3M Nexcare™ Adjustable Back Support Brace - Was £29.99, now only £4.99 at 3M select!!!

Found 17th Sep 2010
Product Details:
Offers comfortable support and relief for back pain sufferers.
Fully adjustable back support brace with repositionable side panels for a custom fit.
Provides support for the lower back and limbs region.
Breath-O-Prene® fabric is several times more breathable than neoprene, but with the same compression.
Integrated pocket for Nexcare™ Cold or Hot gel pack for soothing pain relief.
Latex free & breathable

This support features repositionable side panels that allow for individual placement and best possible fit and compression. An inside pocket allows for insertion of a cold or hot pack to relieve pain and swelling or for soothing muscle aches and stiffness.

Don't let minor injuries keep you out of the game. Nexcare™ braces, supports and wraps provide exceptional comfort and fit to help you maintain your active lifestyle.

A full range of products is available to meet your needs for sports-related injuries, arthritic joints and pain caused by repetitive motion injuries. Many of our supports and braces feature Breath-O-Prene® Fabric; a new generation of stretchable fabric that breathes and wicks moisture away from the body.

Nexcare™ Products from 3M - the makers of 3M Steri-Strip™ First Aid Skin Closures, Micropore™ First Aid Tape, Littmann™ Stethoscopes and many other leading healthcare brands.

If pain or swelling persists, consult your doctor.


have just ordered one thanks im 24 and ihave just been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.. hopfully it helps a little..

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Nice one! They also have a pocket where you can put the cold/hot pack in.

It will make it worse. Core muscle atrophy etc...

These are a great bargain if you suffer back pains or to use as a back support. Great price for something that works. My employers got me one to wear to prevent back injury when lifting, which they are NOT designed for, after i told them my sacroilliac belt was past it, they dont beleive that a true lumbar support belt should cost more than £30 lol (NYMNPA please note) Ordered one for around the house thanks.

Thanks just ordered, opefully will helpmy bad back.

If this works, it would be a life saver. Have some heat! Thanks!!

Ah! Just found 5% Quidco as well. Every little helps :).
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It will make it worse. Core muscle atrophy etc...

Very true.
My husband had a bad back and thought wearing a brace might help,it turned out to be the worse thing for it.
He has since had 2 spinal ops and needs at least another 2.
do not use these without asking your Doctor if its o.k.

Geez, just about to check out and it is sold out


Would it help my piles?

out of stock, what did they have? 5 to sell lol


Would it help my piles?

Dont be such a pain in the ****

This is the last thing you want for a bad back . Your back muscles will get even weaker using this

As others have said, dont use one of these if you have a bad back! ofc there are exeptions to the rule but these things just make your body weaker.

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Surely this would be good for your back if just used to keep the cold/hot pack in place (like the cura heat) The exception with this is that the packs are re-useable.

NICE governs protocols for the management of back pain in the UK. It finds no evidence for the use of this type of mechanical intervention. The general consensus from health professionals working in this speciality, is not to use them as a mid/long term therapy.

However, short term lifting events and the use of ice is appropriate. Hope this helps. And its a hot deal, cheapest available.
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