Back To The Future (DVD) 99p @ Choices

Back To The Future (DVD) 99p @ Choices


Great Scott!

Its a bargain but I say buy the Blu-ray.

And if you don't have a blu-ray player buy the blu ray and a player.

And so forth for HDTV etc.

Even if i went back to the alternate 1955 this would be a good deal....

Have you all seen the new back to the future trailer?

Sorry! Your basket value must be at least £2.50 to go to the checkout

6 left

thought i'd come in here to see if anyone had posted "great scott!"... first post!

hope they didn't chop up a delorean to make that trailer

Only 90p with the voucher code above!!


All gone
Excellent find, though!

The pap I ordered to make my order over 2.50 came today and the invoice read

Back To The Future - This item is discontinued and no longer available from this catalogue and has not been charged for.

On my order confirmation e-mail it read:

Back To The Future (DVD) 1 £0.99
Format: DVD
Availability: 7 items remaining

Thanks ChoicesUK!
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