Back To The Future Trilogy 3 discs - £7.82 delivered

Back To The Future Trilogy 3 discs - £7.82 delivered

Found 13th Jan 2007
Features the popular film trilogy BACK TO THE FUTURE, BACK TO THE FUTURE - PART 2 and BACK TO THE FUTURE - PART 3. The first adventure sees a Californian teenager become the innocent victim of a local crackpot's invention - a time machine made from a DeLorean car. He finds himself in his hometown thirty years back, where he is destined for some funny surprises and a bag of embarrassment. In BACK TO THE FUTURE - PART 2, Marty and the Doc take a trip to the year 2015 to resolve a few problems with the future McFly family. When they return home, they discover someone has tampered with time and Hill Valley, 1985. They must once again get back to 1955 to save the future. In part 3 of the trilogy, although stranded in the year 1955, Marty must travel to 1855 to rescue Doc Brown. Surviving Indian attacks and unfriendly townsfolk it's up to Marty to grab the love-struck Doc, leave the Wild West and get back to the future.


Good spot Centurion^, thanks

I just have to say this every time it gets posted.


Great price, thanks centurion, nearly bought it yesterday at play for £9:99 but couldn't resist at this price!

Excellent deal for a truly awesome set of films. Great entertainment for the family. Just wish I didn't already have it. LOL :-D

You really can watch it over and over again can't you? hehe

BTTF is my favourite film of all time.

Price went up: now €11.63 inc delivery!

ye thats in euros tho! its still £7.82 in squids

4CheapCDs are selling the 3 disc version. ]Play are selling the 4 disc Ultimate version for £9.99.

I can never get board of BTTF 1.
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