Back to the future Trilogy - £6.99
Back to the future Trilogy - £6.99

Back to the future Trilogy - £6.99

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Features the popular film trilogy BACK TO THE FUTURE, BACK TO THE FUTURE - PART 2 and BACK TO THE FUTURE ? PART 3. The trilogy sees a Californian teenager travelling in a time machine made from a DeLorean car.





good deal

Nice. Hot!!!!

Class Films...with a great deal

Good find dan

Moved the image from OP as FP cant handle http://i24.ebayimg.com/06/i/000/b6/b7/b492_1.JPG

Already own this but good deal.

Bought it, thanks for posting.

Are you sure this is a 4-disc set, because from the picture, this appears to be one of these 3-disc releases.

OK, but 5.99 in Morrisons!

can anyone confirm whether this is the 4 disc or 3 disc

Ordered Cheers, Don't forget 5% thru quidco to.




OK, but 5.99 in Morrisons!

i just ordered thinking, great deal! and then read this post

i'm going to go check out morrisons after work, i hope you're right! And i hope these dont sell out too fast if your wrong

The 4-disc edition is called the Ultimate Edition and it says so on the box, also all the discs are in one expandable folder (pic above) whereas this seems to have 3 seperate DVD boxes so it would appear that this is the 3-disc version. I have the Ultimate Edition and the extras are not really very good anyway so you won't be missing much, this is definitely worth it for all 3 films.



]SelectCheaper £6.68 delivered.
]101 CD £6.99 delivered.
The former confirms it's a 3 disc edition.

4 disks called Ultimate edition

Just because the photo on the website is of the 4 disc edition it does not automatically mean that this is the version you will be sent.

There is no mention of the number of discs or of the contents of the 4th disc in the description.

Original Poster

Sorry i didnt know it came ina 3 disc just presumed it was that ultimate edition and why complain £6.99 is a bargain

Good deal, ordered and voted hot!. Thanks to the OP!

Best films ever made

Thanks, brill price for brill films :thumbsup:

Voted hot:thumbsup:

Just a heads up BlahDVD and 101CD are the same company for those that dont know. They used to be called something else and stung me for around £70 when they "went bust", having not learnt from my mistake I ordered about £50 worth of DVD's from them about a month ago as they where quite cheap and did free shipping to New Zealand. I received confirmation that all of them had been posted (all on the same day) about 3-4 weeks ago, I received 1 dvd (worth about £5) a week after despatch and havent received anything else yet.

And their customer services is worse than useless - apparently I need to wait a few more days as delivery times within "EUROPE" are 21-28 days but they are going to try and track them for me. Now theres a few things wrong with that:
1) New Zealand isnt in Europe
2) 28 days is already been and gone
3) They cant track and trace as the one that has arrived had no tracking number etc on it!

I would suggest everyone avoid Blah/101 at all costs!


I would suggest everyone avoid Blah/101 at all costs!

Think there are more than a few people here that have come to that conclusion....
Seem to find it very hard to keep track of what prices things should be on their site....generally wait until enough people order & then think that they've priced it too low & so cancel the orders...only happened a stack of times though...


can anyone confirm whether this is the 4 disc or 3 disc

Ordered mine on the 17/9 arrived yesterday 20/9

3 disc edition- Still a good deal
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