Back to the Future Trilogy DVD £5 @ Sainsbury's

Back to the Future Trilogy DVD £5 @ Sainsbury's

Found 3rd Dec 2009Made hot 3rd Dec 2009
3 disc set in cardboard packaging, with special features. Great price for a great trilogy.

Picked this up in the new Sainsbury's at Braehead just outside of Glasgow. It was only at the tills, not in the DVD section. Had about 18 left. Seems to be nationwide, but it's not online.


Brilliant films that will never go out of fashion, real feel good cinema-making!!!

They also had the Naked Gun Triology for the same price at the counter in my local sainsburys.

If anyone wants the steelbook, its £9.99 from HMV. If you're not bothered about the packaging, then a fiver is a great price for these 3 movies. Hot.

Classic. fab price + heat


thanks, will have alook.

3 great movies ... awsome price

Good price, confirmed in my local store.
Worth mentioning that these are in all cardboard packaging set.


Good price, confirmed in my local store.Worth mentioning that these are … Good price, confirmed in my local store.Worth mentioning that these are in all cardboard packaging set.

OP did in fact mention this.

great price, voted Hot!

waiting for Bluray release. meantime watching these on Sky Anytime.:thumbsup:

There wasn't any in my local in Essex. Hopefully they'll get some in the coming days...

i want a hover board for xmas or a skateboard so i can hang on the back of trucks and get a free lift

Is this the set whose Part 2 has the corrected aspect ratio/framing?

Gigga watt ! What the hell's a gigga watt:-D Classic films great watch. Amazing value for money heat added..

Been looking for this....Thank you for posting.

Yes please........!


Wow what an oldie but goodie

There's loads of others on the Sainsbury's checkouts for £5 also like Australia, Angels & Demons, Slumdog Millionaire, Naked Gun Trilogy, Polar Express, Home Alone 1&2 and many more!!!

its only the 3 disc set though, im sure the 4 disc ultimate edition isnt too much more. i have the 4 disc steelbook which was well worth it.

im also waiting for a bluray release, but i have all 3 on my sky planner to watch in HD so shall be making a weekend of it!

nice price...but already bought the blu ray edition in 2011..:thumbsup:

Word to the wise, this could very well be the set that has the incorrect aspect ratio stuff. I had it and once I checked a website showing the differences, I was really annoyed. Luckily I'd I sold it as I needed the money. However, you could (can?) get replacement discs, which I didn't know about. Be careful. I think the 4-disc is the fixed version with the additional extras, too. Google about this folks. Sometimes there are details getting cut off the screen.

Confirmed in Crawley, good price for a trilogy


Is this the set whose Part 2 has the corrected aspect ratio/framing?

I think this set is the one with the problem, and the silver and blue packaged one fixed it, which are available cover-less at Pound Shops individually.

Top deal!!! Great movies!!!

Excellent movies, one of my all time favourite trilogies!
I got the Steel Book a short while back for £9, but this is still a good price, although I think it's a couple of 'editions' old.
i.e. the Steel Book is the latest, then the blue packaged ones THEN these.…es)
Once this baby reaches 88 miles per're gonna see some serious ****.

Judging by how long it took them to release on DVD I wouldn't expect a Blu-ray any time soon.

Sorry but I got this from Asda Entertainment a couple of months back for £3.93 delivered. Cold from me.

Alternatively, if you have sky movies subscription already, you can watch these films for free on the Anytime Button, and on sky player.

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Nice to load up the site today and see this just getting into the top 5 for the day. Thanks for the heat everyone, glad to be of service.

I just checked the aspect ratio on one of the scenes where the problem was and this set does have the correct framing. If you go to this ]website you'll see the issue discussed. I checked the first example they used and it's fine, as you can see below.


I think I paid about £8.00 recently at Tesco but it was DTS which is worth the extra money IMHO

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This version has DTS as well. Other than the packaging, I think the only thing that this version is missing is the extra 4th disc.

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Has someone been round every Sainsbury's in the country and not found a single copy? I don't think so. Could a mod unexpire this, please. (Unless it was a mod who expired this for a good reason.)
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