Baco Easy Roast Oven Bag - Turkey Size 75p @ Tesco

Baco Easy Roast Oven Bag - Turkey Size 75p @ Tesco

Found 16th Jan 2012
Went to Tesco Express today and saw these on sale.

I like these because you can add you're own spices and ingredients. So no need for colmans or maggi's. (They're ok...but not great.)

I plan to use mum's recipe with chicken wings because it taste's awesome but sometimes gets a bit dry...

Plus the bags are turkey size so you can get more chicken in.

They have recommended cooking times at the bag, although I did noticed none for chicken.
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What's the chicken wing recipe...?
Bits or everything I like to call it.

It's got ketchup, mint sauce, lemon, corriander, garam masala, tandoori chicken masala, salt, dried corriander. I think that's it... I feel like I'm missing something though.

Yoghurt! As soon as I press submit!

I like Pakeeza, which you can get from all asian stores, plus Asda stock it for around 55p.
baco foil also on sale @ tesco
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