Bad Boys / Bad Boys II Box Set £4.99 Delivered @

Bad Boys / Bad Boys II Box Set £4.99 Delivered @

Found 19th Jun 2009
Bad Boys: When $100 million of seized heroin is stolen from the Miami Police lockup, Detectives Lowrey (Will Smith) and Burnett (Martin Lawrence), Miami's most mismatched cops, are called upon to solve the case before the FBI close their department. Julie (Tea Leoni) is their only lead to the case, but will only speak to Lowrey. As he is not around when she calls, Burnett impersonates his cool, slick partner. A hilarious role reversal begins in order to retain her trust. From then on, it's a race against time as the trio dodge the mob, and retain their charade while putting pressure on every low-life in Miami's underworld to track down their man.

Bad Boys 2: Narcotics detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) have been assigned to a high-tech task force investigating the flow of designer ecstasy into Miami. Their inquiries inadvertently lead them to a major conspiracy involving a vicious kingpin (Jordi Molla), whose ambitions to take over the city's drug trade have ignited a bloody turf war. But Mike and Marcus' friendship and working relationship is threatened when Mike begins to develop feelings for Marcus' sister Syd!

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Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do....

A couple of pence cheaper at Amazon - but that takes it below the free delivery threshhold of course, so only cheaper there if you're a Prime member or you were planning on getting something else from Amazon. And who's bothered about 2p anyway... ;-)

Heat & rep added.
Two good films for when you don't want to have to think too hard about the plot...
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