Bad Company 2 Ltd Ed PS3/XBox360 @ Gameplay £32.99

Bad Company 2 Ltd Ed PS3/XBox360 @ Gameplay £32.99

Found 9th Jan 2010
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Limited Edition @ Gameplay.

use voucher code hv9vjvytk to save £5 to bring price to £32.99 valid till the 12th january 2010.

Don't forget quidco for another 6%


wasn't this £23 somewhere else?

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wasn't this £23 somewhere else?

I wish. Link please. Next best price seems to be just under £38 although coolshop have it for £33.75 but that will probably be an import which I wouldn't touch (DLC, resale reasons).

It was £23 at amazon, but has since gone back up to £38


It was £23 at amazon, but has since gone back up to £38

Yep, they appear to be honouring the orders that got in at Amazon (mine is still sat there as a pre-order at £23.38) but you can pretty much guarantee you wont see it at that price again anytime until after it has been released! This is still a great price for a new release title, worth getting the pre-order in and cancelling if anything better comes up!

Now I'm just waiting for a good deal on Bioshock 2....

Heat added.

best for bioshock i've seen is £30 at argos, but don't like the fact they take the money up front, or the fact the last time i used them it took over a week to come

I would quite like a sub £30 deal for bioshock aswell

Does that code just work on pre orders

The Amazon price is not the Limited Edition and does not include the demo access which pre-ordering with GAME grants. This is definately the cheapest possible for the Limited Edition but just without the demo access. Course, you could pre-order with GAME, play the demo, and then cancel your GAME pre-order and go with this one
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