Bad Santa (Blu Ray) - £4.95 Delivered @ Zavvi

Bad Santa (Blu Ray) - £4.95 Delivered @ Zavvi

SuperEd 18
Found 28th Nov 2011
Best price i can see

He doesn't care if you're naughty or nice. When washed-up, crooked and corrupt department store Santa, Willie T. Stokes (Academy Award Winner Billy Bob Thornton) isn't making appearances at shopping malls, he's a safecracker who makes an annual big score on Christmas Eve. But when Willie and his midget partner, Marcus (Tony Cox, Me, Myself and Irene), come to Phoenix for their next heist, they fall under the suspicious eye of Bob (John Ritter, Tadpole), the store manager, and Gin (Bernie Mac, Ocean's Twelve), a savvy mall detective. Willie also has to deal with an 8-year-old misfit who believes that the frequently-intoxicated and foul-mouthed Willie is the real Santa. A bawdy, laugh-out-loud experience, Bad Santa is the ultimate festive movie for people who don't like Christmas.
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Classic Xmas film! Best watched with a bottle of wine in hand
Top film but don't let the kids see it!
Fantastic film, but sooooo un-pc!
Billy Bob Thornton deserved an oscar for his performance in this classic! Have some heat m8!
there's a scene in this that cracked me up, went something like.

Why don't you have a beard santa?
I got sick and it fell out
Why did you get sick?
I went with an unclean woman
Was that Mrs Claus?
Was her sister
No,best lines f*** me Santa F*** me Santa
Best christmas film there is, love the advent calendar substitutions!
Great film! One of the best
Shall I fix you some sandwiches?
love this movie!
One of the best christmas films without doubt !
anyone know if this is directors cut (badder santa) or the theatrical.... and does it even matter?

I met Bad Santa once. I couldn't walk right for a week, after.
Just bought this on HMV website for £3 delivered
Original Poster SuperEd

Just bought this on HMV website for £3 delivered

The dvd yes not the blu ray
Expired up to £6.95 now!
now £3.45 via the hut
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