Bad Santa DVD £2.99 Delivered!

Bad Santa DVD £2.99 Delivered!

Found 6th Sep 2006
Another low priced DVD from Amazon Jersey is Bad Santa at just £2.99 including delivery!

Billy Bob Thornton is terrific as Willie T. Stokes; a lowlife department store Santa in Terry Zwigoff's outrageous comedic follow-up to his offbeat hit 'Ghost World'. Every year, Stokes takes a job as Santa in a different place in order to rob the store he's working in. The diminutive Tony Cox plays his horny sidekick, Marcus, the real mastermind, who is even more foulmouthed than Stokes. Brett Kelly is Thurman Merman, an eight-year-old who desperately needs to believe in the real Santa Claus - and just might have a good enough heart to change Stokes's evil ways. Or maybe not. And Lauren Graham plays Sue, a young sexpot who wants to get a different kind of gift from Santa. Providing excellent comic relief in this black comedy is John Ritter, in his last film role, as the mousy mall manager, and Bernie Mac as Gin, the mall security guard who suspects something is not right. Be warned - 'Bad Santa' is not a family holiday movie. It is lewd, crude, and very funny, but it is most definitely not for children. Joel and Ethan Coen, the brothers behind such quirky hits as 'Raising Arizona' and 'Barton Fink', are the executive producers who came up with the idea in the first place, influenced by the likes of 'The Bad News Bears' and 'South Park'.


Cheaper than renting. Thanks ray

wicked movie too :thumbsup:

I still remember thinking I would hate this film - I don't think they marketed it properly truth be told.

Anyway, I've seen it three times now and heartily recommend it.
At that price it works out at what, 1p a cuss word?

I have to agree, with the above comments. This was an absolute fantastic movie. The script with the actors made this movie. A bargain for that price

I haven't seen it yet, might nab this one. As you say Edi, cheaper than renting!!!

Hi all,

why does it show at £17.99 for me? I cant see anywhere that is is £2.99 from Jersey.

Please help....thanks


Hi all,why does it show at £17.99 for me? I cant see anywhere that is is … Hi all,why does it show at £17.99 for me? I cant see anywhere that is is £2.99 from Jersey.Please help....thanks

I think it may have been removed - can you confirm this Ray?

Welcome to HUKD sanchez.

Im getting the same - guess its gone off offer!


Welcome to HUKD sanchez.

Thanks very much
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