BAG OF CRAP - BACK IN STOCK! @ Boffer - £4.99

BAG OF CRAP - BACK IN STOCK! @ Boffer - £4.99

Found 17th Nov 2009


Special Condition: Caveat Emptor suckers. Click Here for definition

Once upon a time (well about a year ago) when the members had been Boffering away for what felt like weeks and the Sell Off was drawing to an end. The Boffer Staff were trying to decide what to do with their left over crap and hence the Boffer Chicken was assembled by Oli, our resident Geek.

The tail was made from Christmas cards. The legs were fashioned from melted down USB Pen Drives and an Aigo 2 GB MP3 Players. Apparently the beak was a verbatim memory card and the head was clever scissor work with a Playboy ladies wallet.

Note: The Boffer Chicken is still at large and is held in a gold cage in the warehouse as there are fears he may be the subject of kidnapping plots from crazed Boffer fans who missed out on the Maxell 2 GB pen drive for 99p in the Sell Off.

The Boffer Chicken now spends his days playing with his Scalextric Supercar challenge.

Alas the chicken idea was not Oli`s best idea to date, but from this day onwards the Bag of Crap (BOC) was born. And here it comes again, the beginning of the end. Yes, we`re sorry but the warehouse is nearing empty so we need some time to replenish our stocks before the next Boffer Sell Off. So once again we are recycling our leftover goods to you. Yes, you, the loyal Boffer customer. Q) Don`t you feel privileged?

But don`t hit the Boffer Me button just yet. Pause for a second and ponder over the number THREE and then click here:…ptY

Three no more no less, is the magic number, according to De La Soul

Three is considered to be a good number in Chinese culture.
Three is the number of novels or films in a trilogy.
Three is the number of blind mice found in the children`s nursery rhyme.
Three is the number of horns a Triceratops had; and
Three is the number of items you will find in your Bag of Crap (BOC) this time round.

Now for those of you who haven`t seen or heard of the Bag of Crap (BOC) before here`s what you need to know. This is absolutely the worst deal Boffer does (but remember to give us credit please as we are very honest about it). So, yes, in-case you are still unclear ..this time round the bags will be filled with three crappy items that are cluttering up our warehouse.

Please note: All these items could be defined as crap, tat or junk.

Now before you all start whinging that you`re only getting three items maybe you should consider the following:

1. You might receive your Bag of Crap (BOC) quicker as it won`t take the warehouse staff as long to pack them. Note: We only said might
2. You will know if the courier man has pilfered anything from your Bag of Crap (BOC) as everyone can count and check their box contains three items.
3. It`ll take you less time to list your Bag of Crap (BOC) items on the forum.
4. And finally it`ll take you less time to make your Bag of Crap (BOC) You Tube video.

As always, we will guarantee (yes, we will) that your Bag of Crap (BOC) will be a waste of money.

Some items you might have seen already on Boffer. Some items we only ever had two or three of so they never even got the chance to be listed in the sell off (shame for them).

So right now at the end of the Best Sell Off to date folks, we give you the Bag of Crap (BOC).

The rules of the bag of crap are as follows.

1) You expect nothing more then a bag of some kind which contains three crappy items.

2) You should not whine and complain when some people`s crap turns out to be less crappier.

3) You should take a moment to consider whether you might be better off just not buying this crap.
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Total crap!
Sometimes you get awesomeness, and they are rare.
Instead of buying this, give the money to charity and feel good about yourself.
Hey, why don't we sell off the broken stuff rather than paying to get rid of it as commercial waste or WEEE :whistling:
+£2.99 delivery

+£2.99 delivery

free if you have a twitter account
Last time I got a Sat Nav, Mp3 Player, 100 CDR's and 15 Camera USB Cables!

Not on BOC. :thumbsup:


free if you have a twitter account


free if you have a twitter account

That's about right - only a Twit would buy this. :whistling:

Not on BOC. :thumbsup:

really?... jeez.. not as good as their usual bags. and only 3 items....
they were free last time... with more items.. some people got over £100 worth of stuff (most got a total bag of crap)
No sh*t
Some 1 shud actually crap on the head that came up with this idea.......
This isn't worth it anymore. They have the BOTS section to sell off anything that people would be willing to pay money for, but only have a few of (meaning they can't do a full boffer for it). So the BOCs now contain all the stuff that people don't want to buy, with the odd good item in some bags to scam/tempt everyone into buying another one next time. Voted cold.
anyone recieved their new BOC?
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