bags of chocolate 10p instore at Superdrug

bags of chocolate 10p instore at Superdrug

Found 27th Dec 2014
All bags of superdrug chocolate coins, chocolate santas and chocolate
balls (((ALL JUST 10P A BAG )))


I can confirm this, also I noticed the chocolate coins didn't expire until 0ctober 2015!! So you can buy to put away for next Christmas if your disciplined x

Sorry October 2016


thanks i went to day and spent my last £15.00 on chocolate i think i got enough to last me till next Christmas :

i got; maltesers raindeers - white cadburys gifts - choc coins - lindt choc - cadbury snowmen and for some reason i got 5 boxs quality street for 10p as well so its worth a look for some and i think i am set for the year

got loads today too.
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