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Posted 30 August 2022

Bahco Flat Bastard File - 8in £3 click and collect (Limited locations) @ Wickes

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Coarseness: Bastard Double Cut, Bastard Single Cut (edges)
Length: 200 mm
Width: 20 mm
Shape: Rectangular
Handle Material: Plastic
Type: Files
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacturer Model No: 1-110-08-1-2
Brand Name: Bahco
Features & benefits
Slightly tapered in width and thickness
Suitable for work on iron and steel
44 teeth per-Inch
Type of cut bastard
Widely used for sharpening tools and implements such as spades, shovels, hoes and scrapers
Wickes More details at Wickes
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Free click and collect not available with this item as per title
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  1. Avatar
    Can't believe in 2022 that people are only just finding out about the bastard file
    What about the bastard saw, or bastard sword. It's a historic term relating to an intermediate or mixed use item. Saws have a cut between a rough and smooth cut, swords can be used in one hand or two, longer than a broadsword, heavier than a longsword but not as large as a greatsword/zweihander.
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    Comes with the Sean Bean stamp of approval.
    This is what I came here for!
  3. Avatar
    I mean, was the person who designed it just really angry at it, or…?!
    Naah there was no Parent file to it ! 😄😁 🙏
  4. Avatar
    Ok, hands up who clicked on the deal link just to see if this was a real name
    No. Clicked instead to see who makes the first Austin Powers comment! The winner is @TN567!
  5. Avatar
    The title of this deal accurately describes what you'll be thinking when you get the Wickes call saying your reservation is out of stock
    You get a call? I have to go to my local store to find out! (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Austin powers been getting into tools again, the scamp
  7. Avatar
    Heat - just for the title
  8. Avatar
    Going to get this for my neighbour who was run over by a steamroller last week.
    That's terrible, was he your flatmate?
  9. Avatar
    Came here just for the comments
  10. Avatar
    Get in ma belly

    *this is not actual advice, this is just a line from Austin Powers, i accept no responsibility for any damage directly or indirectly by you reading this comment, nor any damage to person or property *
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  12. Avatar
    Titles Not right, I bought the smaller one.
    It's called 'The Son' .
  13. Avatar
    Finally my notifications are working correctly.
  14. Avatar
    Plenty of coarseness

    • Coarseness: Bastard Double Cut, Bastard Single Cut (edges)
    The double & single cut applies to mid range files, with the smoothest all being double cut (looks like an X pattern ) and the roughest (excluding rasps) being single cut (looks like /).
  15. Avatar
    Brings back many happy memories of asking to use this file in woodwork at school in the 1980 s. Never actually used it, but loved asking for it................
  16. Avatar
    I literally thought this was a file just made for me till I re-read the title.
  17. Avatar
    Mind blown.
  18. Avatar
    Got one of these already, that's a cracking price for a file out of wedlock.
  19. Avatar
    Mick McCarthy's favourite tool
  20. Avatar
    You lucky lucky file.
  21. Avatar
    That's the name i asked for at my local ironmongers and they sent me off with a black eye !
    Lol joking 🙃
  22. Avatar
    a bit harsh
  23. Avatar
    Language Timothy !
    Sorry father
  24. Avatar
    Word of warning with Wickes.
    Ordered and payed for several stocked items recently.
    Got to store.
    Items not in stock.
    Still waiting for refund.
    Don't waste your time and petrol...phone store up first and make sure as their emails and texts mean nothing.
    If only there were a single word that could describe them.
  25. Avatar
    If you purchased multiple files, would you have a set of bastards?
  26. Avatar
    Surfin' USM by Carter USM springs to mind too.
  27. Avatar
    The only time I could probably swear...

    What a fabulous bastard file.