Bahco stillson pipe wrench 12” at Amazon for £11.19 Prime (£14.18 non Prime)

Bahco stillson pipe wrench 12” at Amazon for £11.19 Prime (£14.18 non Prime)

Found 18th Dec 2017
Amazon have this good quality bahco pipe wrench for only £11.19 cargain price and good quality
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Is this the size I want for 15mm compression?
kencol3 m ago

Is this the size I want for 15mm compression?

You need a spanner not stilsons.
If a stillsons brand doesn't begin with an R it' no good lol....Record Ridgid Rothenberger and Reed lol.
Heat added tho
Just what the wife wanted. God bless us.....everyone!
Ridgid gave window stickers out many years ago and I still have one on a case of cd's

Have 'Ridgid' Tool Will Demo.
From one review that's helpful info :
For those who don't know they're designed for turning soft iron pipes, the teeth being angled in the direction of the turn so that forward pressure brings the jaws tighter together, increasing purchase. Strictly speaking they are not intended for use on hardened steel or hex nuts; they are likely to shred them. That said they do have a range of useful purposes such as, carefully applied, holding a compression joint stable in an awkward situation while tightening the hex nut with an adjustable. Equally, they can be used to loosen rounded-off nuts due to their main design purpose, as described above. Uniquely and unlike adjustable spanners, normal shape open jaw spanners or even adjustable slip joint/water pump pliers, the Stillson wrench's jaws are set perpendicular to the handle, a useful feature in awkward spaces.
Come on keep it clean no need for the language `perpendicular` what's that all about.
My experience of these (15 years in the UK water industry) is only use them to undo. They can have massive turning power and can easily overtighten (I flattened an O ring in my greener days).

Apart from the intended use of pipe holding/turning, They can be used to undo almost any nut/union joint. I used a small pair to undo a nut on a motorbike rear view mirror strut. The whole thing needed replacing and had rusted to the handle bar mount... The stllies worked a treat.
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