Bahlsen Milk or Dark Chocolate Leibniz Biscuit 125g only 74p @ Tesco

Bahlsen Milk or Dark Chocolate Leibniz Biscuit 125g only 74p @ Tesco

Found 5th Oct 2017

Butter biscuits set in milk or dark chocolate (63%).

Did you know... that in 1889, Hermann Bahlsen, our founder had a rather splendid idea whilst he was here in the UK. He developed a passion for baking and started his own biscuit business. Ever since, his passion has remained key to our family business, we're now on our third generation.

More chocolate than a biscuitNo added preservatives, artificial colours or hydrogenated fatsSuitable for vegetarians

Pack size: 125g

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Thanks for this. These are yummy!
I think i'm addicted to these. I actually have a packet sat on my desk right now. Keeps me going through the day
£1 in Sainsbury the other day and 50p cashback from Checkout smart etc. if that's more useful to someone or you don't have a local Tesco store.
(Milk chocolate and dark chocolate wafer have cashback but not sure if others would work - says Bahlsen First class on my receipt. Suppose you could go into Sainsbury tomorrow, buy 10 packets for £10, get £5 cashback and get a bonus points coupon from the till that would be a minimum 200 points / £1)

Tried the wafer variety and not a patch on the rich tea type biscuit with chocolate shown above.
Edited by: "xenole" 5th Oct 2017
2 for 1 at Waitrose
I just ate a whole packet for breakfast. The orange flavour are on offer too (saving those for tea)
My favourite are the caramel ones. £1 at Morissons I believe.
If u go on check out smart u get ya money bk
Got the white ones yesterday nice
Dark chocolate ones for the win!
Came here to post this deal, and you'd beaten me to it, OP. Heat added!
Why did i only get 1 pack!
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