Bailey-Chimset - Bailey Drain Rod & Chimney Set In Carry Bag - £28.58 Delivery Included

Bailey-Chimset - Bailey Drain Rod & Chimney Set In Carry Bag - £28.58 Delivery Included

Found 11th Mar 2010
Just chasing best deal on the quite renowned "bailey bros" (Birmingham) blue drain & chimney cleaning rods.. so cheap price for a premium brand in it's field.
(don't vote cold just because you've not got a chimney to sweep)!
stumbled upon this set which is around 1/2 the price of buying from the manufacturers recommended seller.
They take paypal & google checkout

to the door (including a quick 10% discount code "thankyou" I was able to purchase the set for £28.58
I should explain we use our multi-fuel stove in the living room as our main source of heat, I generally clean my chimney 3-4 times per year as we use it around 18 hrs per day..
Was overdue for a clean, didn't have a set to hand (cheap b&q type set snapped in chimney) ..then several nights ago had a small chimney fire (due to using our emergency supply of poor quality coal, long story)
I sorted the fire out, however the fire brigade checked it out regardless, ..not much debris up there either.
However if my old set (used ONCE) had'nt snapped then I wouldn't have forgotton during the season as life got in the way.
coal is often a sluggish burner at the best of times & can therefore choke your chimney.
Bailey bros are a pro choice, this deal gets you enough rods for most chimneys (other shorter sets available) +bag, + delivery + a head that on another site is £11.50

Limited to only us with fires, however you've all got drains on your properties & these rods are no different whether going up a chimney or down blocked drains..
Good price that I felt I ought to share, & hopefully prevent a fire outbreak to someones home.

Item Description
Get it Fast - Ours Is Delivered by Tracked Post

Brand New Universal Chimney, Gutter And Drain Rod Set

This Is A Quality Universal Drain/Chimney/Gutter Rod Set Including 3 Popular Tools In A Durable And Waterproof Bailey Carry Bag Together With A Chimney Brush Attachment
These Rods Are Generally Acknowledged As The Best Quality Cleaning Rods Available Are Known On A World Wide Basis As The Preferred Choice Of Professionals

This Set Comprises:
10 x Polypropylene Rods Supplied
1 x 4" Plunger End
1 x 4" Drop Scraper
1 x Double Worm Screw Claw
1 x 16" Chimney Sweep Head

Each Rod Is 3ft Long And 3/4" Thick (19mm)

Suitable For:
This 4 Purpose Kit Allows You To Take Care Of Your Drain, Septic Tank, Guttering And Chimney Breast Blockages
Blue Rods Have Earned An International Reputation For Their Reliability, Strength, Rigidity And The Right Amount Of Flexibility
They Have Been Developed Through Many Years Of Constant Research And Development, To Ensure Strength And Durability
During Use The Brass Joints Are Securely Fitted To The Rods By Brass Rivets

Part Of The Bailey Range Of Quality Hardware Items

Rods Are Manufactured From The Highest Grade Of Polypropylene
The Joints Are Manufactured From Solid Brass
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(incidentally theres a discount on Bamford till midnight tonight for orders over £50, though that's a fiver off)
consider trying applying the "thankyou" without quotes when checking out (bamfords own discount box NOT paypals) ..that was originally issued xmas last year on twitter but worked for me & is theoretically 10% on anything currently.
hopefully its not often you will need a set of these but when you need em your gonna need em big time " because if you ever get a drain blockage etc , its going to cost you tens times this to get it fixed .
Well said, another thing, if you buy these individually (ie 1x 1 metre) theyre typically £4.60 - £4.90 each, so the math really works out favourably.
IF you are lucky & have no problems with your chimney a single sweep costs £25 upward, bearing in mind sweeping should happen several times over & after the burning season..
just received this morning, very impressed, good quality, fits together much better than last set, lighter(possibly) proper brass screw fittings, heavy duty bag, good quality drain attatchments.
Just to give peeps an idea.. the cost from another merchant for this kit is...

For professional people who require their tools to be at hand on a regular basis there are two purpose designed sets, one in a strong rigid plastic case and another in a heavy duty blue carry bag, both of these are supplied with adjustable shoulder straps. The compact nature of these sets allows them to be easily stored in the works, shed, garage or van.

These sets include 30 feet of the finest Bailey Blue Rods® with varying tool options. Their quality, reliability and strength ensure that the toughest jobs can be tackled - an essential product for the builder, plumber, chimney sweep or handyman.

Contents: Quantity Size
10 3/4"x3' Bailey Blue Rods ..( around £45 on their own)
1 4" Drop scraper ..(£3.00 if bought seperately)Drop Scraper:Glides over small obstructions and drops into vertical scraping position to allow offending material to be dragged back towards the operator.

1 4" Plunger ...(£2.50 if bought seperately)
Plunger:Builds up pressure of water which forces obstruction clear.
1 2" Double worm screw ..(£4.00 if bought seperately)
Double Worm Screw:Piercesblockages such as paper or rags and the obstruction is drawn back to clear the pipe.

1 16" Brush .. (£16 if bought seperately)
Drain and sweeps brushes with bristles in plastic stock. Use for brick chimneys and coal burning applications.
1 x good quality "logo'ed" bag ..(about £12.50 if bought separately)

The Bailey blue rods are covered by international trademarks and are renowned world-wide for their quality, durability and strength. To compliment the rods there are a wide range of tools and brushes available to cover virtually any application. A range of drain test plugs are supplied in sizes from 15mm to 2000mm in steel, aluminium or nylon. Canvas air bags and other testing products are also available. A range of duct rods for cable laying, produced to
BT specifications, together with coupling up pieces, leaders and followers and adaptors are also manufactured.

The products enjoy an international reputation for quality and are endorsed by a long list of both national and international companies who specify these products as their preferred choice. These include public utilities, water authorities, national and local government, multi-national civil engineering companies, international construction companies and professional tradesmen. This diverse customer base extends to over 30 countries worldwide.

Manufacturing quality of the company’s products is of the highest standard and has been attained through years of experience and expert knowledge of the industry. Continuation of these traditional standards is essential and, in 1991, the company was assessed and registered to BS EN 9002 certifying its ability to supply quality products at a consistent level. With a fully integrated manufacturing facility the company is able to carefully control the quality standards of each component prior to final assembly.

Having compared to my old set these feel far more substantial, smooth to screw together, (even the rod fittings seem to align when pieced together, drain attatchments it came with feel alot more robust than a cheap set ..less reliant upon luck to get the job done!
(commendations to Bamford trading for both price, delivery & despatch times)
I am a professional chimney sweep and yes, I use Bailey rods. But, the 16" brush that you receive is not really man enough to sweep the chimney properly. The bristles are too thin, plus you need the correct size brush for the job. Professionally made brushes cost a lot more than the whole set and are the only way forward.. I recommend you use a professionally qualified sweep and get the job done properly, plus a certificate.
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