Baileys 1L £11.98 instore @ Netto Mon 19/11
Baileys 1L £11.98 instore  @ Netto Mon 19/11
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Baileys 1L £11.98 instore @ Netto Mon 19/11

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First time posting so sorry if anything is wrong. Christmas means 'Baileys' to me, it's replaced the 'Snowball's' of my teenage years.

Netto are selling a 1L bottle @£11.98 from Monday 19th Nov. However, if Tesco is nearer and it would cost you a £1 more to go to Netto they are currently selling the 1L for £12.98 until the 4/12.



Asda are doing it for £10.00 just now.


Asda are doing it for £10.00 just now.

£10 for a 70cl... 1l bottles are £15.98 on their website... I bought a bottle about 2 weeks ago for £12.98 though so the price must have just gone back up...

Thanks for posting foxie, great for people who have a netto near them Voted hot!

Good price for the Litre bottle Foxie !

Seems like all the supermarkets have got this on in one form or another but not as cheap as your find.

Somerfield is £8.99 for a 70cl bottle for those that don't want to down a litre at one sitting Hic !

Hi, I bought the Irish Knights for £3, which I tried the other night. I couldn't tell the diffrence between it and Baileys. Save yourself some money and try it. Works out at £4.29 per Litre.

Original Poster

Just wondering how you'd feel after a few glass's of Irish Knights the day after, that's where the difference may be. Waygood why don't you try it out for us and let us know, you can say you had to do it as an experiment

I did check Asda, Tesco & Sainsbury's prices before I posted cause I wanted to make sure it was a good deal.

How do you get the offer on the main front page??? Told you I was new at all this.

Yuk @ anything but genuine Bailey's!!

Don't take it to heart foxie, it's a good post Someone always pooh-poohs even the best of deals and there are alway people who vote cold for no reason after you submit a deal even if it's a fantastic one!

Deals that are voted to around 40 degrees hot get on the main page

Original Poster

You can tell I'm new to all this, didn't even know you could vote on a deal. Off to vote now on some of the others

lol awww, you'll get the hand of it in no time
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