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Posted 30 November 2022

Baileys 1L - £10 (7th - 11th December) @ Sainsbury's

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Baileys 1L will again be £10 between the 7th and 11th December at Sainsbury's. Please note although the price shows £13 in some places in the image below, the product adds to your basket @ £10.

Baileys is the most popular Irish cream liqueur around the globe and has been awarded more medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition than any of its competitors. With its distinct velvety texture, it is a perfect combination of smooth cream and whiskey. Enjoy on its own, over ice or in your favourite coffee. And if you are looking for more ways to indulge, from gooey Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake to classy Baileys Espresso Martini, Baileys recipes hit the sweet spot every time. Drawing on Irish traditions in dairy and distilling, the unique combination took four years to perfect the ultimate liquid treat.

One of life's most pleasurable indulgences, Baileys Original Irish Cream is the sweetest meeting of fine Irish whiskey and spirits, Irish dairy cream, rich chocolate and vanilla flavours. The result? Complete deliciousness. Drink neat over ice, shake into cocktails, drizzle over ice-cream, bake a Baileys-tastic cake - perhaps even share it if you have to - Baileys Original Irish Cream equals pure, unadulterated pleasure. Go on, you know you want to!

Every year, roughly 200 million litres of fresh Irish milk are required to produce the creamiest of cream used in the production of Baileys. That's enough to make about 3.3 billion Baileys milkshakes, give or take.

Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.

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    This has been £10 in Sainsbury for 2 weeks now and a few other stores. £9.99 in Morrisons
    The £10 offer at Sainsbury's finished on the 27th Nov. It is back up to £13 now
  2. Avatar
    I wish Amazon would do this
    I managed to get it from Amazon for a tenner a few days ago and it's still showing today
  3. Avatar
    Overrated. Lidls version is much nicer
    NOTHING compares to Baileys.
  4. Avatar
    This drink makes you very fat.
    I drank 11 litres last week and didn't get fat?
  5. Avatar
    Flipping farce. Usually 22 quid?? Shows how much we’re getting ripped off. More than 50 percent off and still making a profit???
    Could well be sold at a loss as a loss leader....
  6. Avatar
    What is the obsession with baileys on here?
    People just like Irish coffee and with Baileys it’s easy to make just add whipped cream to the top. I love it but rarely drink coffee I’m a tea drinker + the uk is now FULL of coffee drinkers - u must have seen them they’re everywhere now walking in the streets with their obligatory cup in hand 😜
  7. Avatar
    Mmmm I enjoy this topped up with milk and maybe a splash of Disarrono. Or if I’m feeling my usual tight self ALDIs own. Makes a very nice long drink
  8. Avatar
    Looks like Sainsbury's have got caught out by the competition now running a £10 deal just as theirs finished a few days ago.
  9. Avatar
    Morrisons are selling Baileys for £9.99 with their club card now or until stocks run out
    It's £12 something without the card. Make sure you get the discount if you use your card. they somehow "forgot" to reduce mine and charged me the full amount. Annoyingly I didn't check the receipt until I got home. It was part of a bigger shop so didn't notice at the time.

    Update - Returnde to Morrisons and informed customer services that there hadn't been a deduction. Lady there was incredibly misserable. No appology given that I'd had to travel back to sort this out, just 'it didn't scan'. This was Morrisons Gamston. When I had to return something to Asda once, which was their fault, they gave me a £10 shopping voucher. I was really expecting anything like that from Morrisons, but an appology would have been appreciated. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Sainsbury is now & £13
  11. Avatar
    Any good deals on gin?
  12. Avatar
    Asda have it for same price also
    that is 70cl bottle it seems. This is 1litre.
  13. Avatar
    9.99 a litre bottle at Morrisons too
  14. Avatar
    Bought couple in store
  15. Avatar
    Still £10 for the 1 litre in Tesco's
  16. Avatar
    Bargain! I got two for Christmas last time it was on but may already need to replace them
  17. Avatar
    £10 at tesco also now.
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