Baileys Almande - £8 in Asda instore (dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly)

Baileys Almande - £8 in Asda instore (dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly)

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LocalFound 11th Apr 2018
I spotted this in my local Asda and picked up a couple of bottles, I figured it sounded quite nice and the bottle looks pretty nice if you're thinking of giving it out as a gift.

It's currently £16 in Tesco and £20 on Amazon so price seems pretty good.

I also picked up a bottle of Jagermeister Spice for £8 at the same time (though that deal doesn't appear to be on the website).
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I've heard only bad things about this. To each their own though!
Tastes like UHT milk with a dab of almond flavour. There is a vague alcohol hit but it is just not nice.
Tastes nasty......very watery
Thought it was fine although the first bottle I got in the US seemed better.
£16 in my local Asda today.
£16 in Derby Asda. It's so thin though. Normal Bailey's and their other flavours are nice and thick so lasts longer. Could pretty much down this like a juice... if I had time to have stomach pumped. Good for this price tho.
It's weird that some of the stores have it as £16 when it's £8 online, normally it's the other way round.

Seeing as I have bought a couple of bottles, has anybody got any suggestions for cocktails, etc.

I was originally thinking of something home-like as I thought it would taste of almonds but reading some of the comments I get the feeling my guess was wrong.
Well, now online is 19.
Thanks for the heads-up, expired.
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