Baileys Limited Edition Strawberries & Cream  Liqueur 700ml £10 @ Sainsbury's

Baileys Limited Edition Strawberries & Cream Liqueur 700ml £10 @ Sainsbury's

Expires on 15/11/2019Posted 2nd Oct
Cheap price for this limited edition of Baileys.

The new Baileys Strawberries & Cream blends fresh juicy strawberries with pure Irish dairy cream and the unique Baileys spirit. Yummy, fruity, Strawberry flavour with the creamy, delicious taste of Baileys. Best served over ice, in an indulgent cocktail or over Ice Cream. A delicious combination of Baileys Original Irish Cream, Fresh Juicy Strawberries and luxurious creamy vanilla
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None left at Fairfield store yesterday.
In case it helps anyone , if you or a friend have a Costco card they are also clearing stock £8:36 there.
I grabbed a bottle of this at my local Sainsbury’s for £10 end of last week. By the end of the weekend they were cleared out.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on this flavour but nonetheless look forward to trying it out for myself

EDIT: tasted this and calling it mediocre is being far too kind. I can’t get a decent taste of either the strawberries, cream, white chocolate or vanilla (all elements that are supposedly part of the taste description). Just cheap, artificially sweet flavours in a milky alcohol. I feel conned I paid £10, it’s not worth£5 even. Regular Bailey’s, heck even Aldi’s Irish whiskey cream is head and shoulders above this.
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