Baileys Original Irish Cream 1L £12 @ Ocado

Baileys Original Irish Cream 1L £12 @ Ocado

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Ocado have reduced 1L bottles of baileys to £12.
Everyone loves cream, they said, and we love spirits and whiskey. But in the same bottle? Are you sure? We just smiled. Baileys, The Original Irish Cream.

Baileys was created by a small group of irrepressible characters who saw the times were a-changing, who knew that modern women wanted something else, something new, something more indulgent, and they set out to craft an unashamedly pleasurable drink that was made just for them.

Created in 1974, Baileys pioneered the cream liqueur category and to this day proudly leads it

Baileys is the most-popular Irish cream liqueur around the globe, Won more medals than any of the competition, Velvety texture: a perfect combination of smooth cream and warm whiskey, Enjoy on its own, over ice or in your favourite coffee, Drawing on Irish traditions in dairy and distilling, the unique combination took four years to perfect, The ultimate liquid indulgence


Thats kind of the normal price nowadays

Mozzas will be doing this at £10 soon
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