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Posted 28 November 2022

Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 1L - £10 (Clubcard Prices) @ Tesco

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Deal is now live!
Baileys 1L will be down to £10 from 1st December on Clubcard prices and run until 12th December

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One of life’s most pleasurable indulgences, Baileys Original Irish Cream has drawn on Irish traditions in dairy and distilling. This unique combination took four years to perfect, crafting a distinctive, velvety texture for the perfect combination of smooth cream and whiskey. The result? Complete deliciousness and the sweetest meeting of fine Irish whiskey and spirits, Irish dairy cream, rich chocolate and vanilla flavours. Drink neat over ice, shake into cocktails, drizzle over ice-cream, bake a Baileys-tastic cake, or even enjoy it in your favourite coffee.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Caffeine free

Did you know?
Baileys is the most popular Irish cream liqueur around the globe and has been awarded more medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition than any of its competitors.

Stored in the in the fridge or not when stored away from direct sunlight at a temperature range of 0-25 degrees centigrade.

Allergy Advice
Contains Dairy

17% vol

Alcohol Type

Storage Type

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  1. phunkyphil's avatar
    £13 Club card price today not £10
    Nathan94's avatar
    Doesn’t start until December 1st
  2. Kidmonkey's avatar
    Regular price £23.50? On what planet?
    Nathan94's avatar
    Express poster/express pricing
  3. swafe's avatar
    Never £23.50, what a fake advert
  4. jayok's avatar
    Tesco with their usual lying about the scale of the reduction
    nwmark's avatar
    It makes having a clubcard an absolute necessity when shopping in tesco which is exactly how they want it.
  5. stephen.rock's avatar
    Same price in Sainsburys and Morrissons
    stephen.rock's avatar
    48873227_1.jpgback on promotion in Sainsburys from 7 Dec to 11 Dec 22 (edited)
  6. milady's avatar
    Not prepared to be roped into getting their clubcard. Will buy elsewhere.
    RyeG's avatar
    You can give 'fake' details and use the app
  7. gav247's avatar
    Same price in Sainsbury’s at the moment 🏼
    J_Staunton's avatar
    That's for 70cl apparently
  8. weemee002's avatar
    Regular price £23.50 hilarious!??? They must think we're stupid!!! Think I'll wait for the usual £9
    Nathan94's avatar
    Is usually this price in tesco express
  9. cundall's avatar
    came here just to vote cold as it's 1p cheaper in Morrisons, foget that it's 5 miles futher away.
    Nathan94's avatar
    Technically 9.90 with the 10p gain of Clubcard points even more if you triple it for rewards
  10. quake.ee's avatar
    Went in store today shows £13 with clubcard.
    Nathan94's avatar
    Starts on 1st (I.e after the current £13 deal ends on 30th)
  11. klaus.basingher's avatar
    Anyone know if it is in the small tesco shops? Was £13 in the small sainsburys - absolutely nothing in the whole shop that was not way overpriced.
    Nathan94's avatar
    Yes every tesco express, this poster is from express hence the inflated £23.50 price.

    All stores are receiving a minimum of 6 cases (6x6) with additional cases based on last years sales. Superstores have received around 200-400 cases of the stuff already!
  12. Abigail_Robinson's avatar
    Will be getting some bottles then thank you
  13. Sting's avatar
    Good price!
  14. klaus.basingher's avatar
    love to know how much it actually costs to make less all the govn taxes, odd there is no inflation on the offer but retail is up.
    Teshar's avatar
    It's a 'loss leader' innit. They sell it at a loss to get more people through the door and make up the difference with other goods.
  15. savingsjase's avatar
    Great price but literally this price everywhere - Sainsbury’s £10, Morrisons £9.99
  16. malm's avatar
    Heat brilliant stuff.
  17. TheFatGrandma's avatar
    Can't beat a 10 quid Baileys!
  18. Alwaysgrababargain's avatar
    Morrisons doing it for £9.99 if you're a my morrisons member this week!
    LindsayWilson's avatar
    And only in England
  19. banshee3099's avatar
    Have Asda done this price yet?
  20. lynnepask's avatar
    Only get points at tesco. Not available in sainsburys on alcohol
  21. Nathan94's avatar

    Available to buy online for delivery/collection tomorrow
  22. jkwaldman's avatar
    Just been Tesco's Winchester still showing £13
    RyeG's avatar
    I've checked the Winchester extra and can confirm it's £10 and they have sold over 50 bottles today
  23. WalterSmith's avatar
    Got 2 but no Orange so 2 off Amazon
  24. huw8565's avatar
    Nathan94's avatar
    Nope the 15% isn’t live this month as the 20% starts after this deal ends (13th)
  25. ao4real's avatar
    £9.94 in Costco Watford 
's avatar