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Posted 27 November 2022

Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 1L £9.99 (My Morrisons members - in store) @ Morrisons

£9.99£12.9923% off
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Update 1
Offer now confirmed as live and working in store
Morrisons will be running a 1 litre Baileys offer of £9.99 from week commencing 28th November in store with My Morrisons (free to signup). Offer now finished for Sainsbury's so cheapest price going. England only, max 3 bottles. . Bombay Sapphire 1 litre also back on offer for £18.99.

My Morrisons

Promo in newspaper advertising confirming the offer.


Offer now showing in the My Morrisons app



My Morrisons cardholders & app users only. The offer is only available in England. terms and conditions apply: my.morrisons.com/my-…tcs. Subject to availability. Offers/ prices may vary at Morrisons Daily. Maximum 3 bottles each per customer.


Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 1L

  • ABOUT - Drawing on Irish traditions in dairy and distilling, Baileys took 4 years to perfect, crafting a distinctive, velvety texture for the perfect combination of smooth cream and whiskey
  • TASTING NOTES - The sweetest meeting of fine Irish whiskey and spirits, Irish dairy cream, rich chocolate and vanilla flavours
  • HOW TO ENJOY - Great on its own, served over ice cream for a sophisticated twist, or even in your favourite coffee
  • AWARDS - Baileys is the most popular Irish cream liqueur around the globe and has been awarded more medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition than any of its competitors
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING - Want to treat someone else? Why not gift them the ultimate indulgent spirit gift
  • 17% ABV

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Morrisons More details at Morrisons
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.

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  1. Avatar
    The wife says the aldi one tastes exactly the same probably cheaper
    Disagree ....... similar but original wins hands down ..... just my opinion 🤷
  2. Avatar
    Been £10 in Sainsburys a few weeks.
    Was available at Sainsbury's for the last 10 days but offer ends at midnight. Not exactly weeks.
  3. Avatar
    Because the loonies governing Welsh and Scotland decree it. It's what they voted for
  4. Avatar
    Looking forward to making a few baby Guinness’s this Christmas
    My sons on about baby Guinness what is it (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Cold, 1p undercut to force you into their membership.
  6. Avatar
    Probably the cheapest item on sale at the most expensive supermarket in the UK
  7. Avatar
    As others have stated, the minimum price they could charge in Wales is £8.50 .So £9.99 is above MUP legislation, so they can't use that as an excuse. They must think the taffies are too stupid to realise they're being ripped off. We already pay more for our booze than our english friends, which swells morrisons profits. Now they stick this one on us. Bye bye morrisons I'm off to Aldi.
  8. Avatar
    Just having a Bailey's coffee now, lush!
    Never tried it….sounds good. Do you replace the milk with Baileys or just a little shot on top?
  9. Avatar
    Same price on Amazon with free delivery
    Got a link? £13 is best I can see??
  10. Avatar
    A penny cheaper than Sainsbury's... Voting hot for this reason, and this reason only (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Now it’s Christmas
  12. Avatar
    Well Morrisons how come Sainsbury and Tesco can both charge £9.99 for those in Scotland and Wales yet you try and charge us £12.99. Gone down further in my estimations now!! (edited)
  13. Avatar
    £10 in Sainsburys if that is closer to anyone
    I was going to say exactly same thing lol. I got one when I took my mother shopping on Saturday.
  14. Avatar
    I thought the sainsbury deal had ended
  15. Avatar
    Iv Just picked my bottle up from Morrisons in Newcastle.
    They had about 4 massive pallets near the main door and loads stacked up on the alcohol isle!

    Hopefully the Welsh stores have plenty off tissues for the upset Welsh. Not only do we get cheaper booze, we send them home in the World Cup ⚽️

    It’s coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    Yawn yawn. Zzzzzz. Ok, you might beat the Welsh.... Suggest you too keep a box or two of tissues. Just get used to it fan boy. Eng certainly will be coming home, correct: empty handed. I'll ching ching with some slightly more potent alcohol. Btw, is that a Red Dragon tattoo on your left arm?
  16. Avatar
    If there are any Morrisons marketing personnel watching please have a look at rolling the offer accross Wales stores too.
  17. Avatar
    They never have any in store, already got mine at Amazon when they were £10 x
    Good you got yours from Amazon. They were never in stock the whole time they did the 1L for £10 deal.
    The earliest delivery I saw was in mid December. Still saying the same now.

    Agree with you about Morrisons, loads of their good offers are never in stock.
    Sainsburys had loads of stock for £10 for the last 10 days.
    Tesco selling for £10 from Thursday too
    hotukdeals.com/dea…099 (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Time to stock up
  19. Avatar
    It will also be £10 in Tesco from tomorrow.
  20. Avatar
    In the past when Morrisons have had this deal they only put a handful of bottles on the shelves every time. 
    Went in my local yesterday and they had lots out pallet displays and by the tills 
  21. Avatar
    It is this price in sainsburys and has been for a while
  22. Avatar
    Where has the coffe one disappeared?
  23. Avatar
    Showing in the app now, anyone confirm they got today? Thought it may have gone live later in the week

    I've just bought a bottle(I'm in England), but I seem to have been charged £10.68 and I'm not sure why? I did buy a couple fo other things but It shows as £12.99 on the receipt and then further down My Morrisons save -£2.31(£12.99-£2.31=£10.68)
  24. Avatar
    It’s live now. But you need the My Morrisons app.
  25. Avatar
    Yum! Will pick one up, heat!
  26. Avatar
    We have a great exclusive offer for our My Morrisons members. Save £2.99 off your next online shop when you buy Baileys Original Irish Cream 1 litre and receive a delivery or collection between 28th Nov - 4th Dec. just landed in my email
  27. Avatar
  28. Avatar
    Is this a larger size than the recent Amazon £10.00 deal?
    Same size. 1L.
  29. Avatar
    Popped into m6 local Morrisons this morning- 2 huge pallets by the entrance £9.99
  30. Avatar
    Not in Scotland unfortunately
  31. Avatar
    Saw the same price in Asda last week
  32. Avatar
    And so it begins.
  33. Avatar
    Be careful if your going without a Morrison's card signed up in store on app for it not to work at checkout and staff unhelpful so left it at till, will stick with Tesco as the club cards work!
  34. Avatar
    Was still £13 in my local Tesco this lunchtime
    Not £10 in tesco until 1st december
  35. Avatar
    Oh yes!
  36. Avatar
    Sainsbury now gone up to & 13 for ltr
  37. Avatar
    "Baileys 1L will again be £10 between the 7th and 11th December at Sainsbury's."
    hotukdeals.com/dea…534 (edited)
  38. Avatar
    It is £10 on the tesco app now. (edited)
  39. Avatar
    £9.94 in Costco Watford
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