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Free Baileys Shot size samples
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Posted 12th Dec 2015Posted 12th Dec 2015LocalLocal
Free Baileys Shot size samples
Free shot sized samples at popup shop by Debenhams in Bull ring
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Wouldn't go to Birmingham with your money


It's gone now


Nice to have a heads up on free samples - I also think it's a great idea to post Costco samples - personally I can save myself a lunch by taking advantage of Costco samples some days


aaaah! wish I was near, my dad loves these, oh well heat added


OMG really ? I am also going to start posting free taster products when I visit Costco or any other hyper markets...

Try free sample of new Baileys Chocolate Luxe
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Posted 17th Sep 2013Posted 17th Sep 2013
Try free sample of new Baileys Chocolate Luxe
Try out a new posh chocolate baileys sounds nice , not sure how much you get but last time I got a 50ml tiny plastic bottle
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Just so you know, this is NOT just another flavour. It's a whole new concept immersing real chocolate in alcohol, which took 300+ attempts to get right and over 3 years to achieve. I have not seen it or tasted it myself but I sent a bottle via Harvey Nicks to a friend as a wedding pressie who was waxing lyrical about it. Will get ordering my free sample now and hope I can buy it in Jersey soon.


Just ordered mine on an iPhone!


'out of this world' cringe. It's alright.


got mine. HOT


Free sample arrived today. Very nice.

Baileys taste the difference treats for free when you buy a full size bottle at sainsburys
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Posted 8th Dec 2011Posted 8th Dec 2011
Baileys taste the difference treats for free when you buy a full size bottle at sainsburys
Just seen this on the Baileys facebook page wall. Not really sure what the taste the difference treats are but hey, its free if your already thinking of stocking up on the old Bail… Read more
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how much is the bottle?

Free Baileys Biscotti Treat
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Posted 17th Oct 2011Posted 17th Oct 2011
Free Baileys Biscotti Treat
Facebook account required Like there page and click Baileys Biscotti sample you get a 50ml bottle and you can give your freind one still loads left tastes really nice must … Read more
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Rubbish says giving away 50 a day enter for a chance to win!


cheers. still 600k + left


Got mine this week, took ages to come through.


mine arrived this morning - is it wrong i had it for breakfast on my way to work?? A new take on a breakfast Smoothie :D


well it was proberly expired hence why you didn't recieve so can't really cold it for that

200,000 free samples of our NEW Baileys® Biscotti
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Posted 13th Sep 2011Posted 13th Sep 2011
200,000 free samples of our NEW Baileys® Biscotti
200,000 free samples of our NEW Baileys® Biscotti left hand side, click on more, click on Bailey's biscotti treat.
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did this a few weeks ago now... still waiting for my sample to arrive! Here's hoping it comes, I love Baileys!


It didn't ask for my address either! And it definately isn't registered with facebook. Guess I won't be getting my Baileys :(


Reminds me of Christmas too! Done it! Thank you :)


Received mine yesterday. Came in a padded envelope through the letterbox!


Thanx.....but i don't do facebook (or any of these BigBro things!).

Free stuff from Baileys
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Posted 15th Sep 2010Posted 15th Sep 2010
Free stuff from Baileys
Just register and receive freebies such as mini bottles, milk frothers and more.
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I signed up but couldn't find a link for any freebies :S


thanks for this


Thank you.


yes i also have receieved all of this and also marinating brushes and more... jd website is cool!! will try baileys though!


ive recieved loads ffrom JD in the last two years i have recieved. a passport holder a calender a keep cold sleve for their jd and cola drinks with free drink voucher a credit card holder

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Free baileys coffee
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Posted 9th Dec 2009Posted 9th Dec 2009
Free baileys coffee
Hey guys Baileys are giving away free 50ml samples of their new coffee flavoured drink. Just go to You have to be a new user to g… Read more
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A OUFC fan, nice 2 see! A fellow OUFC fan ere as well. Oh thanks for the post.


got this this morning. Tastes like crap


Thxs for this


Thanks. Heat added. It's handy having more than one e-mail address!!


Thanks :) I like Baileys .... in small quantities ;)

Baileys - hint of Coffee - 50ml free sample
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Posted 12th Oct 2009Posted 12th Oct 2009
Baileys - hint of Coffee - 50ml free sample
Sign up to the "Baileys Community" & get sent a 50ml free sample of their "Hint Of Coffee". While Stocks Last

I got my coffee baileys today :thumbsup:


just recieved mine. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm was lush


[QUOTE=snarff;6559289]Thanks[/QUOTE niceeeeeeee bought some othet day thanks for telling heat added:thumbsup:


Got mine this morning :thumbsup:


Got the same. 50ml bottle and coupon. Kudos Siani! Flamin' hot!

Become a member of The Baileys Lounge for baileys freebies
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Posted 11th Apr 2008Posted 11th Apr 2008
Become a member of The Baileys Lounge for baileys freebies
The Baileys Lounge is for people who love Baileys, and who enjoy being looked after and entertained with ideas for get-togethers, new ways to try Baileys, and even the occasional g… Read more
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I joined last year and got the coffee table book, but haven't heard from them since :-)


gave it a go, it is BAILEYS after all :whistling:


Signed up last year and got some lovely latte glasses. Still use them regularly for my baileys coffees (hic) . The kids also use them for their milkshakes! Surprisingly I havent received any junk mail from them, so I would definitely recommend signing up


I joined this over a year ago. Must say definitely not worth it. They send lots of junk mail and not a single discount voucher or free sample in sight. Don't waste your time folks.


Got the frother a while ago, which was pretty good, but apart from that you just get loads of junk mail.

Baileys One Million Prizes & Gifts Giveaway!
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Posted 9th Sep 2007Posted 9th Sep 2007
Baileys One Million Prizes & Gifts Giveaway!
Baileys are giving away one million moments of pleasure to the 1st million people to try. You can win one of the following prizes: Ice Cube Tray * Latte Frother * Blender * Coffe… Read more

Got the music, im happy with that haha


never showed prize, better not be pish music.


Just a quick update to say that there are currently 635,934 prizes left to win. Don't forget to claim via Quidco for 42p cashback. :thumbsup:


mp3 track that i did not bother to download.


i got an ice cube tray

Free Baileys Blended (northerners!)
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Posted 13th Jun 2007Posted 13th Jun 2007
Free Baileys Blended (northerners!)
But you have to leave your house.... Come and see us at one of our venues, pose by the Baileys Blended camper van and catch the new sound of summer as we blend up a complimentary … Read more
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Dont turn up, seen this before


Manchesters not very northern by the way :roll: i'd say it was in the middle :p


These just do not arrive!


Nice one but nothing my side of the Penninnes

Free Baileys Milk Frother
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Posted 26th Apr 2007Posted 26th Apr 2007
Free Baileys Milk Frother
Just been shown this... Seems that they are in a giving mood of late :) A free baileys milk frother, it says you can win it but it seems like that they give them away anyway :) … Read more
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me too - total no show! would be nice if they emailed all the people who didnt receive it from last time to tell you that you could enter the 'raffle' again this time, if you still had the desire to own one...:roll:




Still waiting from last time


Me too applied yonks ago, win some/lose some :-(


Have never received mine!

Free Set Of Latte Mugs (Baileys)
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Posted 4th Oct 2006Posted 4th Oct 2006
Free Set Of Latte Mugs (Baileys)
Free Set Of Latte Mugs (Baileys) Text Lounge to 81222 You then get a reply and need to reply with your details. standard network rates apply. delivered within 28 days. Cost: 10p … Read more
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i got my frother before xmas, as well as my latte glasses so to make up a pressent i put the glasses, frother, a mini bottle of baileys and some baileys chocs i got and made up a lovely pressie for my friend who loves baileys!! i also got an apron just after xmas


Well here is hoping they send me some more Latte glasses too. They are brilliant!


Got our first and only frother the other day.


I got my frother yesterday. I'd completely forgotten about it


i got one today!!

Become a member of The Baileys® Lounge now and get a FREE Baileys® milk frother.
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Posted 10th Sep 2006Posted 10th Sep 2006
Become a member of The Baileys® Lounge now and get a FREE Baileys® milk frother.
Fill in a short survey and get a FREE Baileys Milk Frother. How cool is that ;) ;) [
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:giggle: Thats helpful! Once again, think its good of you to do that :thumbsup:


Not recieved nothing yet ....finger crossed that the post just takes longer to get to scotland!


£1.09 :p


I've had an email, but I don't know who it is on here. I'll cover the postage. :)


it wont cost a lot its only a little box