Baja : Edge of Control (Xbox360) - £17.49 delivered @ Gamestation!

Baja : Edge of Control (Xbox360) - £17.49 delivered @ Gamestation!

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Found 30th Oct 2008
Next cheapest I can see is £ 29.69 !!

Have you ever fancied speeding around off-road terrain at breakneck velocity in the baking heat and a flimsy vehicle? Yes? Well, the chances are that in real life that would make you dead. Fortunately, THQ has an alternative for you. It's Baja: Edge of Control! The game comes from the core team members behind the MX vs ATV franchise. Based on the real life Baja 1000, it pits players against some of the roughest terrain Mother Nature has to offer, not to mention other racers hungry for danger and glory.

Vertical environments, ever-unpredictable terrain and constant peril are spread across 100 square miles of landscape. Race in elite Trophy Trucks, 4x4's and Buggies to test your nerve! Events include master hill-climb, circuit, and rally races as you vie for sponsorship in your chase for glory. As in the real Baja 1000, heaps of emphasis is put on suspension and the customisation thereof. Getting the balance just right will be crucial to crossing the finish line first, as will customising the rest of your vehicle with the 200 authentic vehicle parts up for grabs.

It's all much safer than real life...


good price, pants game

6/10 in Eurogamer

6/10 is too generous for this. It looks and plays like a PS2 game, nothing agaist the ol' PS2 but surely were meant to be playing next gen games now!

my review is based on playing it not something i read on google... it's pants ! as stated more like a PS2 game than next gen. FACT

Spend an extra couple of quid and get PURE £19.99 @ HMV.


Mire Mare;3329414

Spend an extra couple of quid and get PURE £19.99 @ HMV.MM

not available anymore, tried yesterday..

I have plunged for Baja, mainly for me and my lad to play, so many racers nowadays are 1 player only..

also CEX are giving £26 trade at the minute, so me and the lad will give it some play today and if it is 'pants' off the CEX it goes..:thumbsup:
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