Baker Ross ONLINE only sale
Baker Ross ONLINE only sale

Baker Ross ONLINE only sale

For those of you interested in arts and crafts and have children to entertain, Baker Ross have a sale on with many items 50% off. There are lots of Out of season items which you can buy now and put away (never to find again!)


Thanks for the post mrs_mack. Have you purchased from this online retailer before?

I have, many times. They are fine.

some nice ideas on there

Thanks for this. Some good items for Easter holidays if I don't get a PS2 from Asda in morning.

some of the fundraising ideas could be adapted for party games

i love the animal party boxes!
great site thanks!

wow, first time i've been to this site, love it!

thanks, plenty of good ideas to keep kids happy.

voted hot for you as nice to see a different deal. :thumbsup:

Great site, plenty of things to keep my niece happy:) hot & rep left

Used to order stuff from here when I was helping at playgroups and nursery.



Original Poster

I use this site a lot as I run a Brownie pack, never had any problems, and deliveries come pretty quick. Glad you like it

My order arrived today, first time I had used this company. Really pleased with it, niece now has loads to do! Thanks:)
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