Bakers Complete (1.5 Kg) 1.29 @ Netto
Bakers Complete (1.5 Kg) 1.29 @ Netto
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Bakers Complete (1.5 Kg) 1.29 @ Netto

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Bakers Complete (1.5 Kg)

just Saturday Sunday offer


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Great price shame we don't have a Netto

Great price for crap food.


Great price for crap food.

why crap food? our dog loves it he wont eat anything else


why crap food? our dog loves it he wont eat anything else

It is fast food for dogs. Fine for the occasional 'treat', deadly if fed every day. Commercial dog food manufacture is designed to find a way to turn waste by products from human food preparation into a saleable item, not be the best for your dog.
Dogs are not designed to eat grains; they are carnivores, not herbivores or omnivores (though the dog food companies would like you to believe otherwise).
Bakers complete is one of the cheapest 'supermarket' foods and has the lowest cost, lowest quality ingredients.
It is no coincidence that cases of canine health problems, especially allergies and food intolerance, are increasing all the time. This is due to feeding dogs a species inappropriate diet.
Dogs are designed to eat raw meat and bones, the same as wolves and wild dogs, not grains like cows and sheep.
Teeth and gums also suffer on this diet; it amuses me that the big compamies, such as Mars (Pedigree), develop 'new, improved foods' which then need their special treats to clean the dogs teeth. If it wasn't for the fact that they were being fed complete foods, their teeth would be scoured clean everytime they crushed and chewed bone and they would have no need of these 'treats' and special dog toothpaste.
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