Bakers Complete Dog Food - 6kg for only £8 - Online (pets at home)
Bakers Complete Dog Food - 6kg for only £8 - Online (pets at home)

Bakers Complete Dog Food - 6kg for only £8 - Online (pets at home)

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Bargain, and a good selection to choose from.

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breeder, vet and groomer have always advised against this as its high in sugar and also contains many allergens..good price but cant vote either way

It's £8 in Asda at the moment too

You get what you pay for! This stuff is cheap rubbish!!oO

yeah this made my dog ill


My dog has had Bakers for 2 years now and is full of health

Wouldn't dream of feeding this. Get something decent fish4dogs jameswellbeloved or burns for examples.

Same price in both Asda (rollback) & Tesco (until 22/03/11) at the moment.

As for the quality of it, the first two ingredients say it all (first listed ingredients are highest content):

Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (Minimum 4% Fresh Meat).
So it's mainly made up of cheap grain and meat by-products (ie all rubbish that's left over like feet and guts), with just a measly 4% actual meat, And of course the added sugar, just what a dog needs.

As a comparison, top of the range products like Orijen have 80% fresh meat content (hugely expensive though!), cheaper but reasonable quality like Burns, James Well Beloved, Arden Grange etc typically have 20-30%. Even the fairly cheap Harringtons Complete Dog food sold by Asda (£7) has 14% meat content (though it is meat meal and not fresh meat).

To cut a long story short, feeding your dog this is like you living soley on fast food from McDonalds.

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My border collie was on this and it made her extremely hyperactive. Changed to James Wellbeloved and have seen a BIG difference in her. Avoid Bakers. May seem like good offers but in the long run as others have already said, not very good for your dog!

After reading the above posts, I will not be buying Bakers again for my dog.
Maybe my dog is hyperactive due to the sugar rush though he is a springer !

Cold. just the other day i got a 15kg sack of food for 8.99 from B&M.

Profilium. Not sure if its a good food or not, but the dog likes it.
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