Bakers dozen of donuts of only £1 sainsbury

Bakers dozen of donuts of only £1 sainsbury

Found 17th Feb 2009Made hot 18th Feb 2009
nip into sainsburys seen this thought it was really good for sainsburys as they always have to best bakery in my opinion. normally 15p each


ring or jam?

This is for ring ones. You can get jam ones 10 for £1 (2 packs of 5)

mmm mmm, I prefer ring ones.

I don't care if its ring or jam! I am going to eat them all

got some of these today yummy!!lol

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13 ring donuts

Got 5 jam ones for 16p at Tescos.
It was in the evening though

Their strawberry tarts (using fresh strawberries) are fantastic too - £1.70 for three :thumbsup:

And their apple turnovers are the dogs bllocks


only problem is lack of sugar on em bought a pack yesterday, but still ace for the money!

heat added

Had these before thought it was a bargain until I tasted them, not worth the money.
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